1. It’s low quality but I assume it’s all gay porn?

  2. Yeah, sorry, copying it onto here did that for some reason methinks.

  3. Yeah sorry about that, seems copying to did that. Hardly worth posting now 😕

  4. it’s been declining for years. fuck the olympics and fuck the ioc.

  5. Yup, at this stage these corrupt bastards are picking at the corpse of the Olympic ideal, a corpse they created.


  7. Usually I'd feel awful seeing a person get mauled by an animal, but I don't this time.

  8. Feel sorry for the camel, it’ll probably be shot now for that behaviour.

  9. The way it just tosses him around like a rag doll is satisfying, fuck around and find out.

  10. Acting all innocent at the end when a car pulls up. Like “are you alright there?”


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