1. Keep doing that and this fine young man will in fact need to consult with multiple dentists (plural).

  2. I have the same stand. So much easier. Also clutch to take with you when traveling (by car). There is supposed to be a little tool shelf that comes with it that kinda sits near the top. Yours seems missing. I’d add that.

  3. The shelf is there, just conveniently hidden by the rear tire. I actually tried to buy the larger one too, but neither me nor the REI clerk could find it lol.

  4. Ah. I have mine up higher. I am a bike maintenance dork. This triathlon season when I drive to events I’ll probably bring the stand with me to check the bike before drop off.

  5. Agree with the others. I have always been astonished at the fitness I did not lose. Getting sick is the worst, but I’d stick to your plan.

  6. /uc I tried bike commuting in one of the most allegedly bike friendly communities in the US in the DC area and almost got kilt like 10 times. No thanks.

  7. Tells us you have accomplished nothing else interesting in your life without telling us you have accomplished nothing else interesting in your life.

  8. TWIST: this guy is actually an orthopedic surgeon looking to cash in on those sweet knee replacements in 15 years from this trend.

  9. Swimming training is a massive time suck. I was talking about it with a partner of mine that swam in college for a D1 program. If you are lucky and you are 15 minutes away from your pool that’s still like 1.5 hours for a workout. If you otherwise use a bike trainer and treadmill it’s just a massive time suck for anybody with a family, a demanding jerb, or a combination of both.

  10. Also wondering. Have not yet done this to my CF8.

  11. 50-60% HR? Bro, that’s me walking to the kitchen from the sofa.

  12. For sure could be a brisk walk. My experience with all this zone 2 obsession is you need to do you. Find your zones and do your training. You’ll figure out what works. I have zero interest in doing any amount of cardio exercise at 50% of max HR; and I don’t think I’ve ever seen any authoritative source suggest 50-60% of max he is “easy/zone 2.”

  13. With this coming out lots of other watches that will do might hit the used market. I’ve had a 945LTE since December 2021 and have no intention of replacing it any time soon.

  14. Yeah I have the same and cannot imagine needing much else that the 965 can offer

  15. I did notice with the new firmware my battery was going down rapidly. So I went and shut off a bunch of stuff and that seems to have calmed that down. I’m still doing short course but I have all this down to a “workflow.” And I wouldn’t want to interrupt that with a new watch. At some point, the training is an assembly line. 🤣

  16. I have two of these and demoted everything else to a second hanger rod on the bottom

  17. When I’m in training mode I found the gu stroop waffles worked well for me. Or a banana like others have said. I’m not sure it made much of a fueling difference, but it was more about the feels.

  18. I’ll agree with this because I suck at these tests. It’s standardized, just like the SAT was and I sucked at that too!

  19. Facebook group “canyon speedmax cf” has lots of good information on this. I am currently planning on doing a conversion that involves keeping the sram brakes and levers and only has di2 sprint shifters on the basebars and the blips on the aerobars. The aero bar blips will operate with smart shift so the computer will auto select the easier/hard gear and adjuster derailleurs accordingly, whereas the ones on the basebar can only go up and down on the cassette. This will be the best solution for me because I want to retain the 11 speed so all my bikes are the same, movement back and forth to my trainer, and for cost reasons. Canyon sells the battery holder and the holes are already in the downtube for that. I am going to do a short race or two first before I spend the money and time, but I can see the advantage from a safety perspective alone.

  20. Can you remove the cockpit? I'm eyeing this frame but want to make sure it will fit in my bike box

  21. For sure. It comes in the box that way. You could remove the basebar and aerobars or just the aerobars. Would still need to keep the hydraulics and cables/shifters/brake levers attached. either way, you’d want to scribe all that and have some carbon paste with you on the other end. I just bought an aerocomfort scicon road bag so I have one bag to transport all my bikes, and my current thesis involves just removing the aerobars. I’ll have that next Friday so I hopefully I can test that out.

  22. I’m sticking with short course again this year I think. For Olympic I use three gels total and electrolyte drink (non sugar) in a single cockpit mounted bottle. One gel before swim, two taped to top tube around the peel open area using painters tape.

  23. Nice! I decided to buy a CF8 and maybe upgrade to di2 later. Also in black. You should have left all the hilarious reflectors on for the photo, and attached the hilarious pedals that came in the box. You can see my NBD photo with all that over on canyon bikes.

  24. It’s a good question that I don’t currently have the answer to. The best I have in the DC area is a park where you can kind of loop nearly endlessly. 5km each loop, with three stop signs and one aggressive 180 turn. Super boring, but safe-ish, though it can have high winds at times.

  25. I feel like this would be a good stunt on gp5000s. I could also probably die trying, especially if I’m around the canal in Georgetown (used to work down there).

  26. I’ve been having success with zzquil. That’s how it’s marketed here in the US. It’s one of the actives in NyQuil and it works pretty well for me and I’m usually good in the morning.

  27. We found this totally randomly walking around munich when we were there. Very interesting. It was October and pretty cold. Def not wetsuit optional.

  28. I’ve done some bad stuff working on cars and bikes. But this genuinely incredible. As it the real meaning of that term “impossible to believe”

  29. That’s all garbage anyways. Who cares?

  30. I had an engineering job one summer at a company that built one of the gun loaders for these magnificent machines. Even then, I am not sure they were even producing those gun loaders anymore - probably just servicing them. These things take a tremendous amount of ammunition. I would be very interested to know the specs on the current guns and how they load them. I remember them looking kind of like a T-Rex. Neat stuff. Here is a video I found:

  31. Matte black is sick AF. My speedmax i got is like a gloss black/grey, and I do love it. But this color would have been so much sicker

  32. This is an older video. The new grandstands at Daytona for example are setup in a way that you can’t even get down to the fence area. In the old days we could get up against the fence and this dude in a golf cart would drive along trying to keep people away. Didn’t work. At the 24 hour race (sports cars and prototypes) you could possibly kinda sneak down there and nobody would probably care.

  33. Oh yes sir 😊 thanks , I love the color. Wasn’t really sure first, if I should get the yellow version to have a bit more unique visual but now in reality it looks just perfect with the black rims, the brown tires and my white shoes 😉. It definitely has the cool stealth underdog look. You see the bike, it doesn’t has the flashy extravagant look, but you instinctively know that it is a real road rocket.

  34. I think the Di2 when paired to a bike computer to show you what gear you are in is pretty neat. That was part of why I wanted to upgrade the new bike. And, I am a dork, and it will give me a winter project next year.

  35. I totally understand 😄, my wife’s Audi also has the same/very similar color, a lot of my tech gear has that color scheme etc. it just works and looks sleek af.

  36. Also a star wars junky. Wife did not let me buy a ruggable printed star wars run for my home office. You can’t win them all!

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