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You got me stone faced

  1. It's already been asked but can you explain what is good about the republican party?

  2. Just look what is happening now vs under Trump. It's pretty obvious who was the better president.

  3. yeah, Biden is shit but at least he's not aggressively fascist like Trump and co. I do agree though, he absolutely needs to be bringing the hammer down on giant corporations that are price-gouging everyone right now

  4. Bloodborne absolutely NEEDS to come to PC. It is the best FromSoft game IMO, I've played it more times than I can count (enough to get Platinum TWICE), and I'd love an excuse to play it again. However, after getting used to PC hardware, the 30fps (which is by no means steady) makes it a bit rough to jump back into.

  5. bloodborne is so good that I suffered through PSnow remote play (and the lack of DLC) to be able to play it myself

  6. in an ideal world harry potter fans really would be oppressed

  7. early 2000s christian moms had the right idea for the wrong reasons fr

  8. Don’t farm runes through a glitch on your first play through IMO, would ruin the game.

  9. It's not a glitch, and the game has a lot of insanely overtuned enemies and bosses, while at the same time being stingy with rune drops. "over"leveling is completely fair play and doesn't ruin shit.

  10. yesh and why would you go there earlier anyways mohgs gonna just beat your ass

  11. I like being able to control the camera in a way that doesn't make me want to tear my eyes out

  12. Maybe add full and functional Kb&M implementation with rebindable keys to the list. There are still too many damn games/ports, especially by japanese devs, that are absolutely awful about giving people a good playing experience of their titles.

  13. yeah it's absurd that so many games just go "use a controller lmao" and straight-up don't let you rebind critical keys looking at you Elden Ring

  14. I dunno, makes sense to design games just for controllers

  15. It could be a good game. Not a fan of Harry Potter, but I'll enjoy playing this game. The idiots who say, "If yOu sUpPort ThiIZ GaMe, You aRe a TraNSphoBe"don't seem to realize that she is already a billionaire, and it no no longer means anything as to who supports her. How about we support the team that are working on the game? Let's support a bunch of other low level workers, and allow them to make some money?

  16. the devs already got paid, and JK uses every bit of support harry potter stuff gets as evidence that people agree with her bigoted positions, so yes it does mean something if you buy the game. You can play it if you want to, just don't pretend to be an ally or anything

  17. Tell me you know nothing and the 90's without saying you know nothing about the 90's. You really think 90% of the themes in the book would reflect 90% of reality? The books clearly state that house elves are treated poorly and desire to be free, the magical world is not a post scarcity economy, and the ministry of magic bring corrupt is EXTENSIVELY explained, there is literally an entire book whose central theme is dedicated to that.

  18. bruh she literally had hermione get made fun of for advocating for freeing the house elves

  19. how about banning transphobes and nazis? that'd be a good thing for the recap

  20. would be a lot cuter if it wasn't being trained to attack people

  21. A few years ago (before streaming really) it was quite common to have a data limit on your home internet too. Unlimited data is only a recent development, I think due to the fact that the ability to stream high amounts of video is a basic expectation now. A lot of providers probably still have a fair usage clause hidden in the small print too.

  22. I never saw ISPs try to impose data caps on internet until Comcast got greedy and started throttling people after 1TB. the norm is to pay for speed, and after that you can use it as much as you want.

  23. the idea of an ocean deeper than the diameter of earth is utterly horrifying, but also entirely irresistible

  24. I don't know specifically how they did it and I can't find anything with some quick searching, so this is based only on what I can see in the shot; take it with a grain of salt.

  25. And if they voted for right wing politicians that don't try and enact those bills? Because not every right wing politician wants to enact those bills.

  26. considering at the moment, the party platform is open hatred of LGBT people, that's a tough ask

  27. And the right wingers that don't support what the party platform has become and end up voting third party?

  28. good for them, and I mean that. I know a few people who used to vote right-wing for regulations and 2A, but eventually (especially once Trump prompted the right to show their true colors) went third party or democrat.

  29. I get downvoted all the time trying to advocate for individual liberty. It's...concerning.

  30. why is it that when you types talk about "individual liberty" you're always talking about a myopic focus on the second amendment? yall never fight for abortion rights or general healthcare, or in opposition to republicans' fascistic anti-LGBT+ bills. those aren't "individual liberties," apparently.

  31. I literally do fight for those things too but make assumptions I guess

  32. so you're telling me that if I were to scroll through your comment history, you wouldn't have comments complaining about cancel culture and finding it refreshing how homophobic/transphobic older media is?

  33. I wanna say my game gets up to like 460 gigs with all the extra shit installed, it's truly horrifying


  35. and dull pencils and dingy white shirts with rolled up sleeves yeag

  36. "political prisoners" lmao give me a break

  37. actually I think you'll find she's a raccoon vtuber now :D

  38. She is pointing out people she sees as "despicable," at a time when the right wing media engine is moving into open calls for violence against those same people. She's not doing it openly yet, but those are absolutely veiled calls for violence.

  39. I never said she was doing it openly, just that she was doing it. veiled calls for violence are still calls for violence.

  40. If you dont own any console and want to play Call of Duty, that doesn’t mean it costs 560$ to play Call of Duty, it just means you don’t have a console

  41. you have to spend $500 on the console and $60 on the game, so yes you literally do have to spend $560 to play the game lmao

  42. Are you spending 560$ on call of duty itself, yes or no?

  43. can you play call of duty without spending $560, yes or no

  44. Sekiro is easily the weakest fromsoft souls game, in large part because of how much more traditionally it presents its narrative. Getting rid of customization was an awful move.

  45. Sekiro is the only Fromsoft game that I like, and I think it's one of my favorites of all time. Getting rid of customization was a great move. It makes the combat actually fun and makes it so upgrades feel interesting instead of being slow incremental number crunching.

  46. to each their own I guess. the lack of customization completely ruined the game for me, I don't want to play yet another game where I'm forced to be Some Dude with no appearance/gender/gear/build options. in a big AAA game like that, give me customization or GTFO.

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