1. Queenstown, NZ the ski season is just about to start and they’re accepting working holiday visas where you can work for a year. Jobs are easy to come by and pay well bc they took such a huge hit from Covid

  2. Tore my ACL last season and was able to do a Euro trip this past month where I went to a couple places in France, Switzerland, and Andorra. My sister loves in France and I have a buddy in Switzerland so I’ve been there before, but this was my first time skiing in the Pyrenees and it was just fabulous. I was with some friends who like to do free ride style skiing as well and we found some unbelievable untouched faces and were hucking cliffs and just living it up. Felt amazing to get back out there and the more time I spent the stronger I felt and more confidence I gained. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel and I hope you the best in getting back out there in the hopefully near future!

  3. Not including Mt Bohemia in Michigan’s UP is criminal. Some of the country’s best powder skiing and an amazing local mountain culture.

  4. I think I’ll throw it in here. I seem to have heard nothing but good things. Do you think starting it in tier 9 is fair? I have no clue how it stacks up. Assuming it’ll be somewhere with the East mountains.

  5. Kind of depends on preferences it’s smaller than some of the east coast resorts but personally I think the skiing is much better. I’d say mid tier 8 but upper 9 is better than it being excluded.

  6. Anyone know how to gamble on this? The NST Instagram tagged Draftkings in a post asking who we were betting on, but I can’t find it in any of the live options in the sports book app.

  7. When did you get your score?? Score release for the November LSAT is December 1st.

  8. I was lazy and didn’t do my writing until some time after the October test and today is the sixth day of my score preview. I’ve decided to keep the score though.

  9. It prob is tbh. This sub is dominated by baby gunners who will retake and reapply until they get a full ride to Starfleet Academy. This is the logical extreme of that tendency. To be clear, I respect the hustle and don’t look down on that mindset. It is, however, a somewhat extreme approach lol.

  10. Yeah I understand that it’s a bit extreme but my sister got a 180 and a full ride to Michigan Law so my personal and family expectations are very high. I appreciate all the guidance from this post and will keep the score.

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