1. Boosting levels of Tylenol improves headaches. It is likely, though, that lack of Tylenol does not cause headaches.

  2. The acetaminophen analogy is great, doubly so since its mechanism(s) aren't fully understood and no one will deny its efficacy.

  3. You might find the podcast ‘Do No Harm’ interesting. It’s about a case that Texas’ Children’s reported to CPS. A Mom had been playing with her 2 year old in the yard. She sat the infant down on a lawn chair to help the toddler take off a swimsuit. The infant roll/fell from the chair onto the patio and had 2 skull fractures. The fractured were on the same plane which is rare but not unheard of for a fall.

  4. I was going to recommend the same podcast. Not only is it an incredibly poignant podcast, it shows how CPS (in this one instance) cherry-picked medical findings to cast the most negative possible light on the parents involved.

  5. I don't blame them. He hurt the last guy so badly that he worried himself.

  6. Yowzers, that is one scary organism. At least when it kills me, my fetid corpse will smell like grapes and flowers.

  7. One of the most spectacular fights in history. I watched that with a girl I was dating and it hooked her on MMA. That’s when you know she’s a keeper.

  8. Some cardios in my area are having great success with Apple Watches. Evidently the afib alert system is very good, and the ECG app is both getting people into the clinic who need it and keeping people out of the clinic when it's just a blip. Someone configures them in the office and explains how to use them.

  9. I took a break from family medicine for a few years, and now I started locuming in it again, and I’ve already had a handful of patients book appointments because of something noted on their Apple watches. All nonsense. It’s all young healthy tech-minded people with hypochondria. The people with the actual arrhythmias aren’t into expensive trendy tech.

  10. I think there's a meaningful distinction to be made in the appropriate patient population. I fully agree that young, healthy people don't need to be staring at a heart monitor, and for the people with healthy anxiety full-on hypochondria, it'll fuel absurd behavior.

  11. Don’t use the pole! If you really want vengeance, get the police involved. The legal system will fuck them up so hard.

  12. It's the most effective way to liaise with the insurer's Prior Reject office.

  13. The fake sudafed is literally worse than placebo. Get the real stuff behind the counter.

  14. Every time I see it, I shake a fist at FDA for letting it be sold orally. Same with docusate.

  15. If you can't get a chiro to relieve that trigger point, I can recommend a raki therapist. Just as effective, but safer.

  16. The fact that you crafted your sentence in such a manner as to avoid ending it in a preposition exemplifies the intellectual divide between Reddit and Twitter.

  17. What do the missing punctuation and hyper-ellipsis do to your analysis?

  18. So writing conventions are only telling when they fit what you want them to. I wonder what that tells us about how much stock to put in your opinions.

  19. If one is already going to have a gynecological operation, the logic seems ironclad. I'm interested in how it looks with no planned procedures.

  20. Removing the Fallopian Tubes in all menopausal women regardless of whether they have other planned procedures is something that I think would require a significantly high level of evidence. Your numbers make sense. But many things in medicine make sense and then don’t quite work as intended when carried on patients. This is the type of situation where a RCT is required before recommendation for surgery for tens of millions of women.

  21. Oh no, you're very correct. For starters, the patient population would almost certainly be very different than the one included in the assessment I saw, and probably not in a favorable way.

  22. These people are horrible. Letting them run roughshod over sick people is a moral failing.

  23. I'd say search for the last time this was asked, but that was also deleted, so...

  24. A couple of years ago I had a long Uber ride with a driver from Myanmar who fled because of the upheaval. I didn’t ask too many questions, because it was clear that he had some awful memories, but he described the situation for about an hour and I’ve been clued in ever since. What’s awful is that equally horrible things are happening in several places right now. It’s overwhelming.

  25. If you’re going to toast the bread, season it, too. A little bit of salt and pepper with olive oil will change your outlook on life.

  26. Its because UFC fans all have weird parasocial relationships with the fighters they like and freak out when theyre asked tough questions

  27. Amigo, Ariel doesn't ask tough questions. He's a tabloid reporter. He creates uncomfortable situations -- that's a very different thing.

  28. Sorry he didnt dick ride a fighter you like

  29. What the fuck does that even mean? Get back to aisle 8, someone spilled the baby food.

  30. He should have traded some deer pelts for medical care and let the free market and prayer take care of his health.

  31. If anyone is coming here for human biology knowledge… women do aromatize testosterone to estrogen, but it’s done locally in the tissues. Most of their estrogen comes from their ovaries. When ovarian production of estradiol stops, the local production continues. Men produce roughly a fifth of their estrogen in their testicles, but make most of it through aromatase in fat, bone, skin, and the brain.

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