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  1. These are great, but that second to last one, shhhewwww, beautiful.

  2. Oh another one: the Snoo. Absolute life-saver. Can’t recommend this enough for the first four to six months.

  3. Are you me? We’re transitioning to the crib right now. Trying sleep suits, new pacifiers. And yet, he’s still stuffed in that Snoo like an over filled suitcase.

  4. looks like I'm finally on the move...

  5. Oh good! Should be there any day. Mine just arrived, waiting for the little guy to take a nap so I can boot it up.

  6. Honestly though. I pay for 1Password and YNAB because they genuinely improve my life and are extremely convenient. The free alternatives are not something I would rather do.

  7. We do white noise at 20% on the hatch and it’s about 4-5 feet away. I used the decibel meter on my watch and it was hovering around 60db. As long as yours isn’t too close you should be good. Not sure why that thing can get so loud. Can you imagine 100%? What’s that even for??

  8. So nobody is going to point out that the photographer is saluting too?

  9. It was screen captured from a live stream. They also got a shot of a cop fist-bumping one of the nazis.

  10. 2nd this ! It's shown exactly how to do it on the happiest baby website. My LO hasn't broken out of a swaddle since.

  11. This one’s going a lot better than your Austin subreddit post!

  12. Easily the most negative sub I follow. Congrats on becoming a dad

  13. I took a good number of pics after he arrived—was trying to be more helpful during labor. It went smoothly, we did an induction and got there the evening before. Mom was having painful contractions from about 2am on. Opted for the epidural, thank goodness, and he came quickly after that!

  14. Yup. Told my folks to wait 2-3 weeks.

  15. I’m in advertising and would kill to remake this.

  16. Incredible shot. Whatcha shooting on?

  17. Congrats! How ya holding up at about 2 weeks in?

  18. Lol this pose cracked me up. Congrats!

  19. Y’all have to wear the masks the whole time?

  20. Gonna move the Kacey poster? I've got one in what will be the baby's room, trying to decide if I indoctrinate him or keep it for myself.

  21. Save the booze. Love the Donnie and Joe Emerson track in the background, nice touch!

  22. Hah don’t worry, it’s not going far!

  23. Hope this is allowed as I am a dad, but also the birthing parent in the scenario (trans man, he/him. Spouse uses they/them). I’m a lurker here and finally able to share my graduation!

  24. Just put it in a spot with medium light and don’t move it. My husband waters them once a week and definitely not more than 2x because they get cranky. Repot as they grow. The price on these is great!

  25. Wipe the leaves off so they’re not dusty, only water when the soil is bone dry, don’t put it under an AC vent, direct-ish to indirect light. Boom, you got yourself a fiddle.

  26. Just saw this in the Fuji sub and did a double take. Nice shot!

  27. Haha thanks! I see we have similar taste. What do you shoot with?

  28. Have you measured how much sun the area does get? If you get at least 6 hours of sun, or even if the semi-shade is bright enough you could do very well with cowpeas and okra this time of year.

  29. They’re beautiful til they open their mouths…their cry is pretty godawful.

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