1. Araki changes his art style a lot between parts, but in the last 2 he's finally stuck with one

  2. We all thought Australia was the meme country, but it eas actually Russia

  3. Every time I get distracted by the original story about the paelleras.

  4. What if Johnny's engram never was inside the saka chip and that's how V's cyberpsychosis manifests?

  5. They can't be warcrimes though. The rules of war don't apply to bugs or robot

  6. You heard about the Daltons, now meet the Dals

  7. Guys, the screenshot button. Go click it.

  8. They're launching the Su57-femboys to seed the remaining air defences huh?

  9. My disappointment is unmesurable and my day is ruined

  10. Ichi, we need to cook ( brings out a crockpot and a shit ton of veggies and other ingredients from inside his jacket)

  11. Don't know about the izmah, but I can tell you they're not a replacement for the akimbo goliaths. They are very concealable, but the rest of stats aren't very good

  12. Let's see. We know for a fact Wolf and Jacket have tortured people before, and Wolf is the most unhinged member of the crew (which is saying something).

  13. Even tournament arcs are booring without a story that isn't just about the tournament

  14. They're different ranks. rear admiral goes under vice admiral, which goes under admiral

  15. Thicc goth gf enjoyers are eating good this chapter

  16. What’s crazy is that a hot girl was his 2nd creation and not his first. Not realistic!

  17. Maybe he tried from the beginning but the first one was a failure

  18. To all the people who main Sidney: Fuck you, she is annoying as fuck

  19. They had resource tiles I wanted, it's their fault for having them

  20. Nah man, the A-10 was temporary but the F-35 is eternal

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