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  1. nope .. but we stop calling people whose legs dont work cripple for a reason right>?

  2. Yeah, totally. Slurs shouldn’t be used! I think in a way the risk with terms like “neurodivergence” is the opposite - they’re always at risk of erasing our differences in the name of a superficial version of equality that wants to pretend we’re all the same. (Read up about the term “BAME” to see a good example of what I mean.)

  3. Yeah but it's not neurodivergence literally means divergence from a normal distribution of traits .. by name it literally means the difference in neurological attributes .. this is what I'm talking about .. how do u think you're helping anyone with this line of thinking .. it has so many holes that it feels like evangelizing

  4. I feel like I’ve explained it in five different ways and you’re just not willing to even try. Like, it’s not complicated…

  5. I agree with the premise of what you're saying, but I think what irritates people is that there should be plenty of water to see us through dry summer spells without restrictions if managed properly. Leaks get a lot of attention, but also the fact privatised water companies haven't invested in building more capture and storage facilities to keep pace with population growth in the South East.

  6. I remember seeing a graph that showed that the profits taken from the water companies since privatisation is pretty much the same sum as the drop in investments.

  7. Wow really like how similar? Like mutually intelligible?

  8. None of the components displayed above show any sign of exponential growth. Of course it shows that aggregated individuals over time accumulate through exponential growth to such a big number of people being alive today, but neither of it directly display exponential growth.

  9. Think about what's actually on the Y axis here. It's time. Except it's time on a very clearly exponential scale.

  10. First of all, I think what you're feeling is very normal. Almost all of us have self-doubt built in to us as a response to being told we're broken our entire lives. It can be a little disorienting to find something that works to improve your life and not feel like you're somehow "cheating", because that's what we've all been told we're doing our entire lives! Trust your diagnosis, and drop the shame about medication!

  11. That's not centrism mate, that's just being naive.


  13. Idk why ur getting downvoted. Their government is delusional and is willing to sabotage their own country’s domestic food supply in a time where Russian and Ukrainian grain exports are being held up by the war.

  14. The Netherlands is the second largest agricultural exporter in the world. Not by population size, in absolute terms. How does it make sense for a country the size of London to be exporting pork to China?

  15. "It was just a dream" is often a satisfying answer, but it is rarely the right answer.

  16. This is great advice, if instead of wisdom and insight you would like to attain superficially satisfying beliefs about yourself.

  17. I'm afraid all three look like the troll-guy meme to me...

  18. I would really caution against using words like “perfect.” You are putting this woman on a pedestal and it’s not fair to her. It can be upsetting when someone you have chemistry with doesn’t feel the same way, but you need to work on moving on. There will be another person you feel chemistry with, no one is ever your one shot at happiness.

  19. There is a lot of language like this in OP’s replies as well to be honest - “I feel like I finally cracked the code” was another example.

  20. I think you look great, but your profile has a couple of issues for me:

  21. I think you look great, but your profile has a couple of issues for me:

  22. Agreeing with others here. Your players may have forgotten, but their characters would absolutely realise if they're not wearing any of their armor or carrying weapons.


  24. Here is a link to the google spreadsheet.

  25. Make that sound your text message alert.. you won’t be disappointed

  26. I mean the problem is that I have 0 matches so no one is swiping right on me. Except this one person who didn't write back :( Like you have gotta learn what clicks first and what not, especially with no-bio profiles.

  27. No. The problem is profit-oriented companies drip-feeding matches unless you pay. This is honestly the main reason hinge is so much better than all the other apps 🤷🏼‍♂️

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