1. You really look beautiful!

  2. two minutes of the wrong last note...ugggggg...but your hot so

  3. Hahaha I played the song without checking it lol.. and You are right I think it’s a diff accord region … Sorry about it hahaha 🌹that’s one of the reason the note is not matching besides the fact I was focusing on looking feminine lol

  4. No I’m not in HRT, and not 24/7 too.. tbh I live it once a week on best times 😁

  5. Protip: u can put it on kinda sloppy so u make sure all the nails are covered. After its super dry wash feet in warm water and soap and use either fingers or a loofah and it'll take all the polish off your skin but not the nails.

  6. As definições de beleza, sensualidade, feminilidade foram atualizadas com sucesso.

  7. Simmmmm. Fugir de tudo isso ..... ainda com vc ao meu lado??? É claro!!!!!

  8. Shoulders back and chin up! Then add a little movement in the hips!

  9. Love the song. Love the album. You look great! Who are you wishing was there?

  10. Did you know when pink floid made dark side of the moon the synthesizer was not invented yet all the special efects sounds that you here on that alblem they made them a vary mechanical waythe song money in the begining you here all the clocks ticking then you here the cash register they actually filled a room with clocks and a cash register an before multi tracked recordind. You know that recording studiosthey use like 16 track recording sound on soundmixing the floid made a tape recorderthat took up a whole room with multiple recording headsit was still a.single track but with all those fecording heads they made sounds that until they made that albem those had never been heard before Emerson Lake and Palmer were the first to have a sentasizer

  11. I kind of know that PF created a lot of soundeffects.. and at that time it was all mechanic and analogic.. I kind of know it casue I play guitar, and PFloyd is one of my favorite bands :P

  12. Oh ok. I came out as a genderfluid/Gender Neutral crossdresser.

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