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New research suggests narcissism is one of the best psychological predictors of conspiracy beliefs. This may be due to several reasons. These include narcissists' gullibility, paranoia, and their need for dominance and feeling special.

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  1. I don't like peep show, the looking in the camera and talking as if its first person is awkward and shit.

  2. This trailer is a free to play trailer though. I know they updated some old world bosses and this straight up looks like it's designed for the new steam player who is going to start at level one.

  3. I can only imagine people jump in straight away and go "Wheres my glider/mount" and get annoyed they have to play the game.

  4. What are you, 60? Order anything online and you have to wqit, crazy.

  5. No doubt, Moass is not a cure for mental illness. You’ve got to make an effort to get that take care of. Get a hobby, workout, watch some comedy’s, find things to enjoy. Those type of things need to come first. If you don’t have your mind right once you come into money, it’s going to get worse. Mo Money Mo problems

  6. I wish it was that easy, lots of things cost money, or you don't have time due to stupid hours or work.

  7. Erm so that pocket of time was created and destroyed in the time of the experiment? Or are we sure we didn't just open up an existing pocket?

  8. "Brave" young men and women of this Great country of ours. I am sure they will just get a slap on the wrist.

  9. It just shows how those in power in Westminster don't give a flying fuck about Scotland.

  10. Everything else aside, that's a really good visualisation... Took me a minute to find Manchester though, thought it'd be faster than Leeds and Sheffield, and a lot faster than Glasgow..

  11. To get to Liverpool its 2h 20min I think, so nothing has really changed in the last 25 years.

  12. Wasn't "Broken Britain" the tag line before Cameron got into power, Hug a hoodie too.

  13. Funny how US rate is falling yet ours is increasing. Makes me think it's just one big conspiracy to protect the dollar in the face of the increasingly popular Yuan.

  14. Its YoY so inflation compared to 12 months ago is not as high, so if it was 1% higher last August than june 12 months ago then the YoY means the number this year is a smaller increase.

  15. China and Russia are right wing hiding under the guise of communism....ahem sorry, democracy yet control all the major industries and steal money from the people through them.

  16. China isn’t communist, but they are left wing by virtue of being a State Capitalist system of government. They operate in markets but many large companies have significant state presence in them. That’s very antithetical to right wing ideology which broadly prescribed a small, hands off government. China is left wing, but certainly not communist.

  17. China isn't communist? Explain the chine Communist Party currently in power

  18. "Please note that existing Guild Wars 2 player accounts cannot be accessed via Steam"

  19. Well if you don't care then I guess no one else should either?

  20. I don't understand the concept of "I can't enjoy a game unless I can brag about a number outside the game".

  21. Yes 70 million people are struggling but lets make it about trans folk.

  22. That’s point. The Tories only moves are to privatize and then distract by creating culture wars against trans people.

  23. And bringing them up completely randomly is you doing the same, forget the masses, lets bring trans issues into the forefront as if they are the only people getting the short end of the stick.

  24. Same here, girls like that make your brain start thinking young looking girls are of age too, its scary.

  25. Was thinking of that, it looked like this game, never played the mod unfortunately

  26. I'm surprised narcissism is associated with gullibility. I thought narcissists didn't trust most people, and in order to believe a lie you need to trust the source of the lie.

  27. I bet you could find a correlation between covid anti vax and gym nuts, my brother was anti vax and many gyms stayed open.

  28. Quick maffs, if they continue to lose 1 Billion per day it’ll take about 1 year and 9 days. One can only hope!

  29. Have you ever heard the story of the frog placed in water, with the temperature raised so slowly that, by the time he realises he's boiling to death, it's too late for him to hop out?

  30. the 970 series was a complete trooper, I just changed mine a couple of months ago and was still trucking along, too bad for the 3.5gb BS with the 970

  31. My 980ti died last November, salvaged my old 970 resting in my mums computer and shes running fine, she had 3 years of rest and she was ready to return to service during a dark time.

  32. Wait 3 months after the 40xx release and get a 30xx 👍

  33. I need money so waiting is a given, i need a new system or the gpu is bottlenecked anyway

  34. I didn't ask but I did ask him if MS sent him one of these halo edition XBoxes and he said no lol

  35. He doesn't play the games or game in general. Im sure he would get one if he asked

  36. You talk about killing off tge main character early, gave you watched attack on titan lmao?

  37. 2 Sisters, one of the biggest food producers in the UK was predominately staffed by immigrants pre brexit. They were so desperate for workers they increased pay from £9.00ph to £12.50ph within a month, plus you could just turn up and get a job.

  38. The jobs with high turn over rates tend to keep theirs near minimum wage though like B&M and Amazon

  39. If you're leaving your pet on a road it's not because you're poor it's because you're a cunt.

  40. Won't it be better to work for Amazon than to drain social welfare?

  41. I wasn't on welfare, besides the time it takes to get on it, you'll find a job. Btw we spend more money tracking down people abusing welfare so the "issue" is not even an issue.

  42. There is a difference in trying to cut down on the abuse of the system and systematically demonise EVERYBODY using the system and making them a boogy man to essentially push them into poverty or even push them to suicide.

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