1. What is your routine on vacation? Does it help you rest? I must be in need of vacation again, but whenever I take one, I can't enjoy anything so I restlessly wait until it's over.

  2. Routine: walk around. It's basically the end of my vacation and I walked 65,7 km according to my mobile app. Most of this was on the beach in both directions. Secondly walking to see tourist spots like museums or something like this. It's not that much here to see or at least for me interesting. I was in 2 museums.

  3. I always preferred going on my own since i can explore whatever i want at whatever pace i want, something i cant do when im with other people

  4. The funniest is for sure the one with the holodeck when a race of photonics starts war against caotica and they 😄

  5. Very nice and really positive colors. love the frog thingy and lego figure!

  6. Nur weil man alleine ist ist man nicht sofort einsam.

  7. The Russian guy, when they want to celebrate her birthday and he didn't let Doug enter the club 🤣

  8. I know how you feel. I think most can. I have basically just one friend who isn't sure around all the time when I need someone to hang out. It sucks having no real company. Still I try to enjoy my life on my own and treat myself and be nice to myself. you should try to do the same.

  9. Yes sure. But that's for most deliveries lol

  10. It is worth it thats true. When I first played it when the game was released I played this part too after a peaceful way.

  11. For some weird reasons the game doesn't like my wheel so I had to plug it out and play the game. lol other than that I had no real troubles at all.

  12. I feel terrible saying this, and don't get me wrong I love her with all my heart, but I have to say Lucy. She's not necessarily a "bad" character but I just feel like the way she was done doesn't fit well. D:BH is set in the future with all these pretty realistically futuristic buildings and vehicles, flashy settings, and then slapped in this rusty old ship is a aura reading prophet robot? Yeah, nah. Why does she speak like one of those God psychics? Her character just doesn't seem to fit to me. Lucy without the weird "I'm blind and can see the future" thing, yeah, but with something that's pretty much a superpower? It just seems dumb in my opinion.

  13. First when I saw Lucy I thought this figure has something to tell trough the game. I'm sure it was meant that way but developers dissed this idea and she had like 3 acts screen times. I would like to have her around as some kind of real oracle or something.

  14. I don't know to decide between Alice or Markus. I don't put in this list the direct bad guys, because they meant to be bad. It's just about character.

  15. Dafür gabs die gelben Telefonzellen.... die waren teils schon übel zugerichtet.

  16. richtig. daran erinnere ich mich auch noch. aber keiner hat in hauseingänge geschissen und so ein schild war auch nicht notwendig. es lag auch nicht überall auf den straßen Müll egal wo man hinsieht. Sicher ab und an mal eine Burger Styroporbox, aber nichts in dem ausmaß was heute so an müll und scheisse auf den straßen oder in den parks liegt.

  17. wahnsinn... wann ist deutschland eigentlich zu so einem drecksloch mutiert egal wo man hinsieht?

  18. Basically everything from first season is shit. The show just starts to be funny for me by middle or end of season 2.

  19. True, only good episode in season 1 is Art House.

  20. I don't have that episode in mind honestly. What I like of first season is court date. When Carrie starts "dating" a cop.

  21. Glückwunsch war sicher ein Erlebnis

  22. Good to hear you are getting the help you deserve! I know the feeling of everything being too much, on a political and/or personal level. The world can bee too much at times. But the overwhelming will pass as you get helped. You are so strong for taking care of yourself and surviving it all. Even if it feels hopeless and impossible, there is help to get. And you are doing the best thing you can. Meanwhile, be as patient as possible, survive, distract yourself if you need. Let someone help and wait for it to get gradually better. It will. I was recently hospitalized and it's been one of the greatest experiences ever. Of course it was hard to feel that way at first. While I waited to get better I tried to do a little bit of the things I knew I used to enjoy, I talked to people I trusted, and I kept a diary to let things out. I also saw a lot of movies and shows to disappear into another world for a while, just temporarily, while i waited. Don't be ashamed to use (as healthy as possible) distraction as a way of surviving, if it helps use it. Try to do little things everyday that you would like to, go for a walk, a shower, talk to someone or listen to music. Take one day at a time. It will get better.

  23. Don't understand it really. Even if your new name suck or your unhappy you can still you the other name....

  24. I don't even really get what you mean lol

  25. I was interested in vampires when I was younger. Not those "oooh bella please love me" but the real shit around the whole history and stuff. but well I'm not interested in eating people not even close to it.

  26. There will be surely a second part

  27. Ohhhh really? Right in the beginning when jay is searching the save, he opens a drawer after finding a key..... He finds a magazine called "feet" 😏

  28. Thats kind of weird and conflicting because at the end of the game Zoe bring up his 'cancer'. She would have realized he faked it by that point. Seems like an oversight.

  29. Same outcome here. Jim confesses his son that the cancer story is faked because he feared of being alone the rest of his life and thought this as only way to get back with his son and family.

  30. vor 2 monaten dachte ich noch ich komme echt sehr gut mit meinem geld klar und könnte mir ab und zu doch mal etwas mehr gönnen (bin chronischer nicht-käufer und spartaner).

  31. Bin im Moment auf der Suche nach einer Wohnung in einer Großstadt. Als wäre das nicht schon schwer genug, schau ich nun auch explizit auf den Energieträger, weil ich Gas, eben aus Kostengründen, tunlichst vermeiden möchte. Leider gibt's fast nur Wohnungen mit Gas am Markt.

  32. ist generell schwierig da etwas anderes zu finden und selbst wenn, alle kosten werden steigen. selbst fernwärme hat als hauptenergieträger gas. die hälfte aller deutschen wohnungen sind generell mit gas beheizt.

  33. genau so sehe ichs auch. habe schon echt ängste vor der nahen zukunft und in was uns die regierung da rein geritten hat.

  34. The last time I made this test I was infj

  35. While I don’t hate Chakotay, I dislike the fake Native American stuff and the inconsistent character development.

  36. Maybe I don't see it that much since I don't know a lot about native americans here in europe (sure just the basics) but as you can imagine, I've never met one or really talked to one in real life to make a real opinion there.

  37. I’ve never met a Native American, but I learned about various tribes in school (and later in college), so Chakotay seemed off in Voyager. Later on, I read that Voyager hired a known fraud to develop Chakotay’s Native American background.

  38. We basically learn nothing about this in schools in Germany.

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