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  1. Howard the Duck. The Eternals. The Collector. Thaddeus Ross. He Who Remains.

  2. Tower of Babel. Check every shop at Market.

  3. On another note, I was surprised to see Howard the Duck. But after seeing him go out of the portal, that's it. Nowhere to be seen again.

  4. Maybe Q's punishment at Universal Studios. Pulling the brake rope.

  5. People really need to stop speculating shit about Joe or the other Jokers. It doesn't help them or the fans.

  6. The disadvantage you will face, if you're f2p, is upgrading them. Since your main team is mostly Martial, getting fodders to star them up all at the same time can be difficult. Possible and doable, but it will take time. But if you're cool with touching your trust fund, then that won't be a problem.

  7. The "Water Torture" episode from Season 5.

  8. They might as well remove the episodes where Joe is the loser.

  9. Season 7, Episode 12. "Bull Shiatsu"

  10. "So what emotional void in your life does this gang fills?"

  11. This is my favorite language that Barney "spoke". Trying to learn it, tho.

  12. There's a scene (around 7:50–8:00) where Kamala is training.

  13. As you know, "phalange" is a running gag on Friends, from Phoebe's alias (Regina Phalange). When Rachel asked Phoebe why she had to get off the plane, she can't think of any reason to give; instead, she invented that something's wrong with the left "phalange".

  14. Dear, this is Dark Miracle Tower. You can only use Dark heroes here.

  15. I used to get downvoted for expressing my negative opinions about Ross. So from now on, I'll keep my opinions regarding Ross to myself.

  16. A minion of the antichrist.

  17. I belong to the minority who likes Punchy.

  18. That's one helluva big fudge you're asking there, love. Be careful what you wish for.

  19. Yes I have seen this one. Really funny scene:

  20. Bully Maguire: "I'm gonna put some MORB in your eye."

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