1. I'd travel back to 2010 and have sex with Bailey Jay if she would have me.

  2. 100% of newborn babies are fucking ugly.

  3. Gal Gadot's way of speaking English.

  4. It's Wild, nobody cares. Wild exists for this reason.

  5. I'm glad I went my whole life without having to worry about fatal diseases.

  6. They used to. Nobody cares nowadays.

  7. No. I mostly have nightmares.

  8. People Die All the Time

  9. Hrmmhmmhmmrmm hrmmmhummhrmmmm!!!

  10. Very intelligent and driven. Great women.

  11. Talking head. Because it's all bullshit.

  12. Rape the Victims: Songs of Faith and Devotion

  13. Sounds good. I enjoy supporting beautiful women who get naked for money, and I want them to have a safe platform to do their sex work worry-free.

  14. Manipulate people into doing horrific things under the guise of guidance.

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