1. I wonder when/if they’ll do the women’s Casino Battle Royale this year

  2. It seems Swerve in Our Glory has a lot of work to be done yet.

  3. I still wish the Lil Uzi Vert segment would’ve made it to TV last year at Grand Slam

  4. House of Black. When they were getting going and the theories of the mist were so intriguing, then everything just fell flat. Huge missed opportunity to make Malakai a main event player

  5. Imo he should've been the one to beat Sammy instead of Cody in December for the TNT title

  6. I don’t think Cody needed to go heel. He was right stay baby face but in the codyverse he would be seen as a heel but in normal AEW he would have just been the baby face we seen now in WWE

  7. I think the meta heel thing could've worked so well, too; like an even more meta Bo Dallas

  8. I think her look and the way she is being used by HOB are tremendous. That entrance where Julia's silhouette is joined by Brody and Buddy was terrific.

  9. Yeah I hope they don't get lost in the shuffle without Malakai. I know many want FTR to be the next AEW Tag champions, but I think Brody and Buddy beating The Acclaimed would be ideal

  10. Nevermind changing it because a porn star uses it, the name itself is just overtly silly and sounds like a stage name. I know Skye is her real life first name but Skye Blue in no way sounds like the first and last name any real human being would have. It couldn't be any sillier if it were "Sun Orange".

  11. Very happy for her. She's one of those names that automatically makes me tune into Dark/Elevation if she's on the card. Really promising young talent, I hope she gets the chance to have a TV match like she had with Red Velvet on Dark last year

  12. I’ve never even considered that a table would break like that. Thankfully she says she’s alright.

  13. Rush and Andrade just have that energy where they could beat anyone on any given night and I wouldn't question it

  14. Bronson was lightening quick running those ropes, I am thoroughly impressed! That was great fun.

  15. I saw that idea mentioned yesterday and I absolutely love it. They're one of the few acts in AEW that Max hasn't rapped on yet, and they're one of the only tag teams that hasn't wrestled for the titles yet.

  16. If Sammy wants to win back some of the goodwill he had with the fans before his disastrous TNT run and Eddie confrontation then being humbled a bit by putting over HOOK would go some way to doing that. He doesn’t need to be squashed, make it a competitive match, he just has to make sure he makes HOOK look great.

  17. And I think he could certainly do that. You won't find a heel more universally despised in AEW than Sammy, and I think that's the best recipe for a great 10+ minute match to truly show what HOOK is capable of and get him some good experience

  18. MJF definitely only let this picture get taken to sell his bidding war storyline, lol.

  19. This card looked better than dynamite to me, and it exceeded my expectations. Starks, Darby, MJF, and the acclaimed are the acts who should be built as the headliners of AEW's product over the next few years.

  20. I'd include Swerve in that group as well. I think he and Starks, in particular, have a ton of crossover potential

  21. This is probably just because of my specific tastes in wrestling and my general indifference to long promos and most of anything in wrestling that isn't in-ring, but I genuinely thought that was AEW's best TV show all year. Every match was fun, told a story in it's own way and Jungle Boy vs Fenix is genuinely a top 5 TV match of the year for me. Rampage felt like a PPV on free TV in a way Dynamite didn't. Dynamite Grand Slam just felt like your regular "stacked" Dynamite. Rampage Grand Slam was genuinely special start to finish.

  22. Fun match, loved the way it started. Did not fucking expect the whole roster to come out. I sure as hell was not expecting to see Brian Cage.

  23. This just proves that long pants Ricky Starks is the pro wrestling equivalent to Mexico City Cain Velasquez

  24. Both table spots were nasty. Julia completely missed the table.

  25. I can only imagine the pre-match video ahead of his eventual World title win

  26. I thought this was so heartwarming lol I was so sad when they didn't join Matt when he turned face

  27. I've been wanting Moxley vs. Hangman ever since that one promo where Mox berated him for his "thinking he's a cowboy" and his "high school bullcrap" with the Elite

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