1. Year later and still can’t. I didn’t get to have a normal baby shower, gender reveal, announcement, nothing. I’ll never get that back and it makes me sad.

  2. I’m sorry this happened. You should have called a professional a while ago. Youtube videos can’t fix that. Your only option(s) now is put the dog down or rehome.

  3. I have actually looked into this. First, not every child is affected by it. But I don’t think it’s total bullshit. There is a TED talk about it on Youtube if you want a short breakdown on the theory.

  4. My understanding is that it's similar to a food allergy in that if you are sensitive to it, you should avoid it, but if you're not, then there's not really any good science that demonstrates any real danger to having it IIRC.

  5. Kick them out then? They don’t get to “refuse”. It’s your damn house and your damn baby. Get over being non-confrontational and protect your baby. I have a friend whose baby is currently in the hospital with a cold that turned into pneumonia and two other respiratory viruses. Take this shit seriously! Your baby comes before everything else, including your in-laws.

  6. i really like the leopard, i think the model wears it well. the wolf one is ok, i can’t really pinpoint what it is that i don’t like. the lion just looks ridiculous.

  7. All very good advice and just want to add random one, my son had a witching hour around 8pm. It didn’t matter, he was going to wake up at 8pm on the dot and then would refuse to go back to sleep so cue the over-tired now we’re up all night. I can’t remember when exactly but he was still fairly young, we just changed his schedule around to try and have him up on purpose instead. That way he was being fed at 8 and then he’d have his 30 minutes up right (reflux) then go to bed no problem. To this day (10 months) 8pm is still his “witching hour”. It’s a mystery to us, even after a time change. But just wanted to add that if your baby really does have a witching hour trying something like that. It’s been smooth sailing for us once we did that.

  8. Could you clarify a bit what you mean with the schedule change around 8?

  9. When he was younger, the most we could do was alter the time we first woke up since most of their schedule is really just when they eat. So you can either get up earlier or later. Our son didn’t mind sleeping in a little bit but we started getting up earlier and in turn giving him his first feed earlier. I think at this time he was eating every 3 hours so it was 8-11-2-5-8-11 so on and so forth. This allowed us to get him up before he got up for witching hour, we’d feed him and at that time he took around 30 minutes, then because of his reflux we had to keep him upright for 30 minutes which meant we weren’t done until around 9. We were then able to put him down no problem as the witching hour had passed and we didn’t really let it commence if you will. There is no point in trying to fight a witching hour, you just gotta get ahead of it. So if your baby doesn’t have their internal clock yet (where they know when to wake up for feeds or just what their usual wake up time is) this should be fairly easy. If not you try gradually getting babe up a little earlier every day and they should adjust. I hope this makes sense!

  10. To whoever sent the reddit cares- I honestly dont care if you feed your dog grain free. Do whatever you want, its your dog. Just know that the people who trained for 8+ years to care for your animals are not recommending it. Its like your doctor saying "dont eat cheeseburgers" because of your families history of heart disease and you go and eat one right in front of her. She dont care, its your funeral.

  11. Can you elaborate more on allergies are more likely proteins and not the grains? I have a french bulldog and her previous owner said she is allergic to grain, which I’ve heard is fairly common for their breed so I didn’t think much of it. Is there more to it than that? Like how some people aren’t allergic to lactose but to the milk proteins?

  12. Unless the previous owner did a diet elimination trial with their vet, its hard to say exactly what they’re allergic to. You need to be able to suss out every individual ingredient to determine which one is the issue. Its incredibly time consuming and most owners just assume their dog has an allergy to wheat or protein because thats whats in the dog food they gave their dog. Dogs can have allergies to grains, its just uncommon. Usually its protein.

  13. Excuse me I'm off to make a million dollars.....

  14. I even use them on my dog. We originally got her dog wipes of her own (frenchie, their crevices get nasty) and they don’t hold a candle to baby wipes.

  15. hi! i’ve been a SAHM for 10 months now. the biggest thing for me, as someone with adhd, is schedules! everything has a schedule. now with your baby’s age, obviously a schedule won’t work perfectly but it’s at least something to go by. even now, we have a set day-to-day schedule and sometimes it gets thrown at the door but even when we have a bump in the road like a doctors appointment that took too long and now he’s overtired and doesn’t want to sleep, we still have something to go by. for example, that happened yesterday. he usually goes down at 4:15 but we didn’t get home until 4:30. he needs ~2 hour nap or else he’s cranky. usually it would be 4:15-6 and then bed at 9. but instead yesterday it was 5-7 and then still went to bed at 9. obviously all babies are different, but my son knows the schedule with his internal clock (because we’ve had one since he came home from the NICU) which helps when things like this happen because even though he didn’t have his usual wake time before bed, 9 o’clock rolls around and he is tired. i have a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule. daily is things like dishes, trash, litter boxes, feeding our 2 cats and dog, etc. weekly is husbands laundry one day, my laundry another day, baby’s laundry, linens, sweeping, etc you get the gist. spreading it out helps me not feel so overwhelmed and still have time to be done “working” and just enjoy family time once my husband is off work. i used to be go-go-go all day long doing laundry at 8 o’clock at night before i made the cleaning schedule lol. monthly is things that you don’t always need to get to but with my adhd i usually feel the need to do it immediately if i see it so this helps reign me in and say “no, i’ll do that this day” or whatever. things like washing pet beds, wiping baseboards, for you it could be going through your baby’s clothes that they’ve grown out of, etc. my husband is also in on this schedule. since i first got pregnant he does the litter boxes and we just never went back lol, he does trash, we switch off days for dishes, i do the laundry but he puts his own clothes away unless i’m feeling extra cleany lol! to-do lists are great too. we have a big whiteboard that we jot our thoughts down on or random things we need do like if we need to call a doctors office or whatever. also have a color coded (by person) calendar in the kitchen. this just all helps the chaos a little bit. everyone knows the schedule, everyone knows where to look if things need to be done or how to read the calendar for what’s going on that week. i know this was a bit of a mess but i hope it makes sense!

  16. that is so precious. my OB office takes pictures with the babies and has them on a wall.

  17. came here for this exact reason. i’m on S4, Ep 1 and i’ve been slowly getting mean girl vibes from her but the “i guess we’ll just enjoy the company that comes” right in front of Audrina on her freaking birthday is just so rude. they shouldn’t have moved in together to begin with. i’m watching this all for the first time btw. it doesn’t make any sense, when Lauren had mentioned moving out i thought it would be great because i knew things would start to get ugly. why move in with her if you don’t like her boyfriend AND have a problem with her being friends with Heidi? Lauren should have taken moving out as her chance to amicably create space between her and Audrina without it being a problem but i don’t see this going well at all. Lo is just bitchy. Audrina isn’t being distant, every time she tried to talk them Lo has some snide remarks or rolls her eyes. i wouldn’t want to be home with them either.

  18. my boy was a preemie so i just rock with “preemie mom” 🤣

  19. is he really judging someone else’s intelligence when he, himself, can not spell? 🤣

  20. NTA, she has set boundaries that were allegedly agreed upon. Tim is trying to surprise Fiancé by crossing that boundary.

  21. I think the issue, well not really an issue, is that for once we have a show where all the possible matches for the lead (one of them) are good. Like it is very hard to choose between Paul, Joe and Zion.

  22. Idkkk. I agree Joe would be spooked by it but I feel like he’s also a die hard y’know? Maybe not in the same way that Paul is obviously a ride or die but I feel like Joe would still love her and trying to protect her like she’s an injured bird. Don’t think it would work long-term but he would certainly try. I haven’t picked a team btw, I love all the guys equally how do you even choose 🤣

  23. Damn girl, I actually like it so much better now!! I wasn’t sold at first, I have to admit. Looks a lot better than I expected!

  24. yeah it makes a lot more sense now that i can see the full picture

  25. LOL my in-laws say the same about my husband and his older brother. They thought my husband was mute for the longest time.

  26. Hi there, it sounds like you did little to no introduction. If you can't have them eating peacefully in the same room, you have rushed the process. There's one thing that is, what's simple, easy and good for you, and another, what's good for your terrified, anxious cat.

  27. We did do an introduction. The issue is Zeus has food anxiety and doesn’t even like us near him when he’s eating. Zeus goes into his own kennel to eat because of it and because he’ll eat Athena’s food if given the chance. When he was a kitten he used to throw up after every meal because he would eat it so fast. The vet thinks it has something to do with when he was with his litter. Athena is able to eat near the dog fine. I’ll check out the video.

  28. Then I'd suggest you give him his own stick or cat appropriate food puzzle/treat, would he ignore that and still go for the dogs?

  29. That might be worth a try! I have given him one before. It might be enough of a distraction for him!

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