1. My SB has a another SD she sees regularly. But she swears I'm her favorite. :)

  2. Ok, my joke wasn’t helpful. My guess is that women are trying to seem vibrant and interesting, without giving away too much about themselves. Or they’re trying to use fun as a euphemism for sex, but failing miserably?

  3. I think we’re reading too deeply into shallow and poorly written profiles!

  4. The structure of their search filters is abysmal, at least in the UK where there is no way to filter beyond council levels or country level (Greater London anyone?)

  5. I agree. I live within a 20 min drive of 4 States in the US. Hate running 4 searches when 90% in each search is way too far away.

  6. Narrator: he was, in fact, not the whole table.

  7. LOL. I heard that in the Ron Howard, Arrested Development voice.

  8. that’s not really what i’m getting at. i’m trying to say that a real sd will support their sb however they want even if it means a lux lifestyle. if you’re already getting the ick or it rubs you the wrong way that your sb wants a luxury lifestyle then it was never gonna work out to begin with.

  9. Values are very different than hobbies and interests.

  10. My thoughts exactly. Comparable values? Yes! Hobbies and interests? Doesn't matter.

  11. 3 blue sharpies and 2 red sharpies in the ass..that’s too specific..

  12. if 5 sharpies in a butt are the weirdest thing you've seen on reddit, I take it you've never been to

  13. I love women in sundresses. Midrange and light yellow floral seem to work on most anybody to me.

  14. If anything having an established career ups your ante. You show you don’t need the SR but you want it and that shows the SDs that you’re in it for the right reasons. Because I have a good paying job I’m able to set my boundaries and men know they have to up their ante as well if they want to pursue a relationship with me. This goes for both SRs and vanilla. I don’t overly flaunt it but I do mention it subtly so that they know I can take care of myself and hold my own.

  15. I have. Of course I live within 30 minutes of three different states, so it is not unusual to have an interstate relationship. My current SB is 20 minutes away in a different state.

  16. The functional definition of dilution is to decrease the concentration. For example, pure water is approximately 1 gram per milliliter. (There are many other ways to define concentration, but lets choose this one.) Suppose you mix an equal mass of ethanol in water. You would have 1 gram of water in approximately 2 milliliters of solution. Hence you diluted the water by 50%.

  17. Thanks. TBH, that is part of the post. But mainly I did want to know about safety and experiences too.

  18. Yeah. We bought one night stand but definitely had room for two in our bedroom.

  19. Did it go or your side? On your spouses side? Or do yall share?

  20. She said she wanted to “change things up” and “try swapping” in the bedroom so I rearrange the furniture and put the night stand on my side or hers from time to time. Now I guess she wants us to get into farming as she says she’s looking for a bull. I hope it will fit in the back yard. What will my HOA say?

  21. I always try to plan to have sex with someone, and often I do actually plan to have sex. But it is best when I let the plan happen naturally, whether I have sex or not.

  22. I miss the nerves and butterflies (hell, condors) in my stomach that I had early in the sugar game. After 10 years things have gotten much more calm. Enjoy the experience!

  23. I use the two sites differently based on their pay structure. SA is flat fee for 1 month. When I'm highly motivated to find a sugarbaby quickly, I use SA. SB is a credit system. The credits never expire. I slowly scan SB and only contact new members that perk my interest. I just got back from a M&G with a POT from SB today; we plan on meeting again.

  24. Sometimes even the boxed food and other perishable products are fresher at the higher end stores. The lower end stores will buy lots of items that haven't moved

  25. As someone for whom the kink is central, I have to bring it up early -- not really fair to get her all the way to the M&G, to find out no matter how great she is, we're not compatible. I bring it up with subtle mention in our first few messages, as soon as we have the inevitable "what is your ideal arrangement" discussion, I'll bury a mention of "femdom" into my description. Some women pick up on it, and invite a discussion. Some don't say anything beyond that my overall description "sounds great to me", in which case, I let it lie and bring it up more directly down the line (but before the M&G).

  26. Pretty much the way I go about it too. I've migrated from 'discover as we go' to 'politely describing what I'm ideally looking for.'

  27. NewsMax only lets people have shows if they spew the company point of view. That should be enough for you to know how much journalistic standards mean to her.

  28. You could level the exact same criticism at CNN, NBC, or Disney properties. Point being?

  29. No you could not accurately level such criticism at those sources. They have actual standards that are high and demand strong levels of proof, unlike Newsmaxx.

  30. LOLOLOL. And how many lawsuits have they recently lost because they made up stories about people?

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