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  1. Interesting. So the tldr high persons summary of the article is that you can hit them with a shit ton more light without co2 supp and it doesn’t affect yield or quality?

  2. It will increase yield but potency and terp profiles remain unchanged! I notice a lot denser colas and almost no larf with proper lollipopping.

  3. Word. What is the max temp you like your area to get?

  4. V interesting. Why all the info say like 1000 is top? Don't they like taco or bleach?

  5. No taco no bleach no burn. Older studies used the more inefficient (heat/light) hps and quantum boards which concentrate the light into a single source of heat. Bar LEDs dissipate that heat due to the spread out light source so no single point is receiving an unbalanced amount of light.

  6. That's awesome that you're on solar as well. V interesting thanks!


  8. His name, was Robert Paulson.

  9. I am not fortunate enough to do so! Between this and wife’s car I’m at my limits! Maybe one day!!

  10. This is textbook nitrogen tox. Youre using full strength liquid nutes in what appears to be soil and going too long between waterings. All of your nutes concentrate when there is little moisture left in the soil.

  11. I just checked the handbook. This is a federal crime in all 50 states.

  12. Actually technically Florida enforces boofing. So YMMV

  13. Raisin for resin, and print out a picture of a dude named keith for the kief

  14. I think that guy just beat the knowledge of said rule into the side of homeboys head lol

  15. Unfortunately he also beat it out of his head. Good thing he remembered to go back again and make sure to beat it back in for good measure.

  16. Yep. I did some genealogy & found that 2 of my ancestors were sent over from London (stole a hat) & from Ireland (chronic public drunkeness - way to be a cliché gggg grandpa...) on prison ships. One was an indentured servant in NC for several years, then ultimately became a landowner. The other ran from whatever fate awaited him in America, changed his name & became a landowner in Canada.

  17. Lol good ol grandpa getting shipped to the new world again

  18. I've been growing monsters for quite some time now too.

  19. Well your comments are incredibly vague and only hint at possibly you dont believe him...or something, i cant really tell what your point was. So that was my reply, take it how you want but you sound like a moron.

  20. My comments are vague, and you don't get them. So that means you assume I'm a moron. Got it

  21. Thanks for actually making a point that i can reply to without guessing what youre implying by "you sound like ur 12". Youre right. OP should definitely be staking his shit if this is consistent. But the only other reply i saw of his said it's the first time this has happened. Im not going to search the thread but if op is saying both, then yeah he's a moron too

  22. massive mood changes, like almost instantly midconversation. you have to walk on eggshells and constantly try to manage her emotions. More arguments than normal conversations. extreme highs and extreme lows/anger/defensiveness. the good times are good but the bad times are that much worse.

  23. naw, i do. but its ok. dont block driveways, dont have lights shining in your neighbors bedroom and argue at midnight that you dont want to turn them off because theyre not breaking the law.

  24. Not everyone is saying I am in wrong. I don't leave them on all night. We switch it on around 9.30 these days and switch off at 11.30-12ish when we go to bed. We switch then on when we are in deck or backyard area. Like today I didn't switch them on except for taking this pic.

  25. Great, ur lights are worse than I imagined. Keep ‘em off 👍🏼

  26. He has wide feet (and based on his calves, is applying a ton of force on them, making them look flatter. Plus SB dunks have fatter tounges apparently).

  27. He’s sitting down tho. Sb dunks have pillow tongues

  28. If you want it to be a track day car, sure. Also can be a grocery getter, long as you don't get too many groceries.

  29. Thanks! My jaw about dropped. They were so lovingly stored next to the VHS porn stash

  30. Please send the porn with the shoes when you sell em. Zero explanations.

  31. This thing foxtailed BAD. To be honest I’m just burnt out and need a break from growing. Been doing it since 2004 and I’m just exhausted. I completely neglected this grow. I usually change my reservoir out every 7 days, but sometimes I’d wait 2 weeks. I didn’t top them. I never gave them the attention I would have in the past. My goal was just to make it to the end and wrap up this chapter for the time being.

  32. If you're tired of the upkeep, check out living soil. It's about 10% of the work you put in with hydro/dwc. Just add water is no lie. Only issue is dealing with occasional fungus gnats.

  33. Lmao I think imma wait for tonight so I can get some decent sleep. Kinda wanna smoke a bit now to see how it is but there’s so little I’m not sure

  34. posts like this make me count my blessings. I wish you a good sleep

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