1. Excellent way to describe the differences between the two types of brushes. I only have a few natural hair brushes and I covet them.

  2. I like this box; I'm just running out of facial cleanser and I've actually used the facial spray before. I'd say the spray was just ok, I didn't shake it since I think the oil was causing me to break out.

  3. Appreciate your input. Did the spray serum smell like rose?

  4. It's supposed to smell like truffles I think

  5. Oh good, I read that I also has rosewater, hence why I was asking about the rose scent.

  6. I almost forgot...the star this year for me is the artist of the decorative paper - Emily Doliner knocked it out of the park, and that paper is probably my favourite "product". 😊

  7. Wow, extra lucky getting an entire Sonia G brush set!! Congratulations!

  8. You can likely find a used explore air 2 for like $50. It's a MUCH better machine than the first Gen explore.

  9. I haven't read Stephen King in soooo long. He was the first writer that I can recall being on the edge of my seat waiting for his next book. His later works didn't thrill me, so I went on to Michael Crichton and Dean Koontz. So glad to see that King has a winner. I'll have to pick this up. Thanks so much for the review!

  10. You and Peachy look great. Amazing that the Revlon - Photoready Airbrush Effect Makeup looks so great even without a primer. I must try! Can't wait for your end of month report.

  11. This card is adorable. Like the others stated, the only other trick I know is to use a dryer sheet. You can get a small box at the Dollar Tree or any other local dollar store. You only need to use a small piece of one sheet.

  12. For being random, it turned out so gorgeous! πŸ‘„

  13. I've been so curious about this product. I'm so glad that you did a review on it. Like you, it would have to be scent I would really want to try before spending that amount on a deodorant.

  14. I'm glad to see I'm not alone ... although sorry that others are waiting too :(

  15. Is one of the highlighters in the ND cheek trio broken? Beautylish is really good about replacing items broken in transit

  16. Update: I noticed that the highlighter was still cracking. I took your advice and reached out to their customer service and they are replacing it. Thank you so much for letting me know how good their customer service is, and for the encouragement to return it.

  17. I bought the Cheektastic trio, and the highlighting powder is broken in half. Can you return?

  18. Assuming you bought it from Beautylish, you should be able to call or message them. They did ask that I send them a photo of the damaged product, but they were extremely helpful.

  19. I canceled in December and I'm not looking back. Thanks so much for your review and honest opinion. I'm just going to take that money and put it in a jar for things I really want.

  20. For being sick, you look fabulous. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

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