1. It is beyond ridiculous and implausible to think any country capable of launching spy satellites is using balloons for spying in the 21st Century. Use your head for something more than a hat rack.

  2. The US still uses balloons for spying, what are you on about.

  3. So? I’ll risk being fired over saving a child any day. Coward.

  4. Yeah, if my work won’t allow me to help a child being abused or worse, fuck them. Same with lawsuits, I’ll risk it.

  5. It appears to be meditating on a pile of condensed milk.

  6. Plot twist: musk made a deep fake of himself so it would trigger deep fake tests

  7. 96% of around 14,000 that bothered to vote. The union has 32,000 members. And that's out of a workforce of 75,000. There's a reason Disney is lowballing them.

  8. Is it because they like profits more than employees’ happiness?

  9. It’s more like telling someone my leg is wet because they peed on it when they’re telling me it might be wet because my entire family didn’t show up.

  10. The original Hairspray was rated PG & had nothing in it that non-Fox News viewers would find remotely offensive.

  11. Oh ye of little faith. They’d find plenty to be offended about, these people can complain for years about a piece of candy.

  12. Keep them coming until they clean house.

  13. If anything the chief really secured her seat, because her immediate action saved the city from rioting, which in the eyes of the city council would be the most important thing.

  14. That’s a little early to call. Riots usually start when the trial results are announced.

  15. Because of you, there’s a team of dudes holed up in an office right now, trading mock-ups of anthropomorphized syringes and injection pens, pitching sexy names, and arguing over slogans. Because of you, jerk.

  16. I feel like they at least owe me some sketches I can frame

  17. This. Everyone likes to act like our schools are under funded and things will improve if we just get more money to spend on them but that won't help a damn thing. If they are terrible with the funding they have, why would we expect them to start using the money better from here on?

  18. A recent study on increasing spending in school showed "21.7% increase in per-pupil spending throughout all 12 school-age years for children from low-income families is large enough to eliminate the education attainment gap between children from low-income and non-poor families.” and “Increasing per-pupil spending by 10% in all 12 school-age years increases probability of high school graduation by 7 percentage points for all students, and by roughly 10 percentage points for non-poor children,” -

  19. Elon's been banning basically anyone who gets enough attention by saying mean things about him, whether they're paying for his service or not. It's 8 dollars and he's extremely wealthy with a massive fragile ego.

  20. Freedom of speech is when the king banishes you for mentioning him not wearing any clothes

  21. Definitely. After all the shit he’s getting for his fuckups I’m betting he had someone smart do the math on what top percentage they could cap off at at what rate to get a “house always wins” result. I’m betting he was told they would potentially lose money if they didn’t limit it to subscribers.

  22. I worked for John S Quarterman for years. I might be familiar.

  23. I smoked pot with John S. Quarterman. It was me him and Sloan Kettering and we used to blaze that shit up everyday

  24. One is a mistake, thousands is just the cost of doing business or maintaining a nation. It’s something in between you have to worry about.

  25. He made an honest mistake in hiring a hitman using a supposed untraceable currency. Hasn't everyone made mistakes?

  26. My kid accidentally ordered a thousand dollars worth of paper towels, surely you the jury can understand accidentally tapping on a vpn, browsing the dark web with your butt, finding an ad for a hit man and sending that hit man 20k in bitcoin.

  27. A gun is gonna go way higher than 150 feet but the point is still conceded

  28. The gun isn’t going anywhere, definitely not 150ft or higher.

  29. I hate the idea of adding waste, but couldn’t they put plastic or glass covers over them with paper sticker seals on each side?

  30. I could easily see a glass lid/cover over the tray that has a little LED on the top, which turned red when it's moved vertically.

  31. Geotag it and you’ve got a great way to charge the table automatically too

  32. He mocked the state when he said he went there to break laws because they don’t have any, and then he reiterated that during a VERY public fight with a teenager on the internet. He embarrassed quite a few rich and powerful people in Romania when he did that. People don’t like that kind of bad press when they’re corrupt and rich.

  33. She be like “parents are responsible for feeding their kids” well what about the single teen mom who was kicked out for getting pregnant and can’t afford a kid but was forced to have the kid cause y’all can’t leave people be Sharon

  34. Her: “well I worked for 4 dollars an hour when I had a kid and I paid for college too”

  35. maybe i'm being a pedantic jerk (or perhaps i'm just mistaken) but "goes up" is bothering me

  36. I’ve literally seen people complain about the use of surges and climbs in similar reports on here previously. There’s just no winning.

  37. Unauthorized detour from approved route? That's a firing.

  38. I mean I would imagine he took the boy to the school. Can you imagine calling a school asking for a teenage girl to get out of class early “no, I’m not related, I’m a delivery truck driver and her brother needs help. I can give her a ride in my van.”

  39. Yes, I can imagine it, back in my day there was a whole movie based on that premise and it was amazing.

  40. You must not be from round these parts. Unions are extremely popular basically everywhere but the US, and the anti-union propaganda is so pervasive and successful that trying to form one is not just practically guaranteed to fail, but will also be met with illegal forms of retribution without any consequences for the business and owners.

  41. From what I have seen in my job at bars and restaurants lately it appears to be a big yellow ‘Y’ on their apparel.

  42. And unleash havoc on an electrical grid that can't even cope on a hot day.

  43. The U.S. generated and consumed about 4.12 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2021. A COMPLETE transition to electrical cars if every single car sold from here on out would still take a decade to replace all gasoline cars. That obviously won't happen, gasoline cars are expected to be on the road til at least 2045. If every single car was electric on the road they would consume about 1.25 trillion kw-hours, we consume at the current rate of 4.2 trillion kwh 500% more than we did in the 60s, so seeing as how the number sold isn't going to be a logarithmic curve in a few years, and that the grid is being dispersed thanks to new technologies like wind, solar and other hybrid technologies along with expansions, and because charging stations today are programmed to recharge the stations energy from low use hours (excess energy on the grid), and considering new work from home trends and movements building businesses away from downtown centers means more distribution of loads, we will be fine.

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