Former slave owner interviewed in 1929

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  1. I'm not sure what it is about her acting, but it feels unengaging. It's like all of her heart isn't quite in it. She's my least favorite of the cast

  2. Too many people still unjustly give Stroll too much crap. He's a solid driver

  3. UPDATE: Parents have called, turns out they hooked it up in the wrong house. They "sincerely apologize" that they put it up because a 10 y/o said they could.

  4. Me: “aw, she didn’t say anything about slaves. What a sweet ol’ lady. And she was a senator, wow.”

  5. Nobody in particular but obv they didn't think at the time that it was Saul's ex-wife. So it doesn't change canon but is an addition

  6. Ah ok. That's not how I define retcon since they didn't change the history, just added detail to it

  7. Did they forget that Ellen and Larry have always been gay in this show?!?

  8. Did they just not watch the show and then reviewed this episode once they saw reviews for it saying what happened?

  9. That's very different from ending up in court high

  10. Completely agree. Maybe it’s because I’m older and am not familiar with any of her other work, but I don’t understand all the praise for Selena. She’s not a bad actress, she’s fine, but when you’re co-starring with two comedy legends, fine doesn’t look good. I just don’t find anything about her particularly noteworthy and keep wondering why she was cast at all.

  11. Same. She's a very talented singer and dancer, no doubt about that, but acting is not in her wheelhouse

  12. I felt sort of the same about her in the first part of s1. I came to the conclusion that it is the character, Mabel is the cool milennial that rolls her eyes at what Oliver and Charles do and say, has no patience most of the time etc

  13. My friends who are motorcycle racers are the same sentiment with riding in public vs the track

  14. McLaren has the biggest gulf (get it?) between teammates.

  15. Going on a tangent. Did any of you guys find it weird that the Russian defecter Baranov loved before and after hated Will revealed he was gay. Then the story didn't really evolve between the 2 (despite months passing) and then he all of a sudden hugged him after Ellen revealed she herself is gay, along with the EO?

  16. I mean, who wants this? No one want kids to see porn. Where do they get this shit?

  17. Manufacturing outrage is the best way to ban any sort of actual societal progress

  18. This thread got me thinking about Max and Checo being fake fake roommates, weirdly fitting

  19. If you don't have a wet-dry vac (like a Bissell), you can use a bristle brush and a little bit of soap and water to agitate the stain and then wipe off with a microfiber towel. If you have a drill and a brush attachment that would be 2nd best to using a wet-dry.

  20. The simulation and the world are 1:1 or on a very short time delay. Christina is basically an admin program. MiBot overrode her controls and then blew the tower, pulling her out of sync with the city. She's basically living in an overlay.

  21. Ok, once again more dumbed down for me please?

  22. He's here, he's there, he's every fucking where, ROY KENT!

  23. I love that show so much! I remembered that exact episode too

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