1. My understanding is that "more cells" means "more chances of cancer developing".

  2. When you get fat you get more fat cells but also each fat cell gets bigger.

  3. If he rejects being uncut when he's older, he can get it done then, of his own volition.

  4. Wonderous how often people forget that people can be falsely sent to death row

  5. I think the most disturbing thing here is that these older men who are staring are old enough to be her grandfather... The age gap be pretty high there.

  6. Maybe he's a writer and meant to say "pen is in my hand", but forgot an underline

  7. You know you're probably above average when she says stuff like "hmm idk if this is gonna work... I'm small" and never mentions it being the "perfect size"

  8. Imagine generations of people going through life not knowing the things you know about mental health. And then imagine you condemning them without repent for not knowing about it because it's something that just recently came into public knowledge. You don't have to imagine it because you're doing it.

  9. Exactly. Sometimes I'm tempted to resent my parents for how they raised me, knowing what we know now about mental health. My brother does resent them... Or at least did for a while.

  10. Jesus forgave you for farther worse. Show her grace.

  11. No, she's processing. My wife does that with her close friends. I hate it but know that it's what they do.

  12. Same. He only ate a few people and didn't bother most. These assholes annoy hundreds, constantly, day in and day out. Give them the chair.

  13. Im still scarred by this video, aswell as 2 guys 1 horse, kids in a sandbox or lemonparty

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