England are the Champions of the ICC T20 World Cup 2022

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  1. Absolutely not! Amazing stats by the way, very inspiring.

  2. Thanks! I'm going to go ahead and give the real Jad a go here shortly today. I've ran through the speedrun world a dozen times and keep dying on the healers just from their damage. I'm nailing the prayer switches now. I think since I've had such ample supplies of brews/restores on wave 63 the last few real Jad runs Im going to ditch a restore or brew and bring a stack of black chins to make quick work of the healers after I tag them.. hopefully!

  3. I just killed the healers one by one after tagging them. Focus on the prayer switches obvs and stay out of jads melee range but it made the fight much more chill. They will heal him back to full but once they're taken care of its an easy finish. Either way good luck mate, you've got this!

  4. Night at the Theatre is super fun and not all that hard to do solo (coming from a pvm noob)

  5. How many attempts did it take? I took a break after attempt 5 and damnit… I just wanna slay vamps w/o looking like a toddler

  6. Watch a couple guides to get the gist, then keep at it til you find your groove. Healers can be stressful, but just let them heal Jad to full hp while you dispatch them one by one. After that, ez fight. Can confirm, you can't beat the feeling of getting that first one!! You got this.

  7. Honestly two ER trips with crazy panic attacks (thought I was dying both times) and also day long hangover anxiety that literally had to be slept off the day after drinking. Like slept off 24 hours later. I’d be so high strung during the days I couldn’t nap if I wanted to. And I was having this feeling every day since I was drinking every night.

  8. Yes! I’ve been irritable here and there but it’s manageable when the rest of the time I feel mostly calm and clear-headed. Won’t miss those dissociative high-strung days.

  9. I hear you on that! I think what I struggle with most is this - sometimes I go months and months sober and feeling great about it, managing my emotions just fine. Until all of a sudden I am smashed by doubt and anxiety, so I find myself on autopilot browsing the liquor aisle and starting up on a bender that may last days or may last months.

  10. 👋 here to throw my hat in the ring

  11. Why were there only 75 overs? Did Pakistan bowl 15 overs behind time?

  12. Lads, the DAFANEWS Presents KFC Pakistan vs England Test Series 2022 trophy is coming home.

  13. Why the fuck would you say that? Do you know him? Have you met him personally? Have you even tried to comprehend what he's trying to do? Because if you tried to use your brain before writing this comment, you would've known that Ramiz Raja is not a joke. He is not a clown. He is the entire circus.

  14. This literally made me laugh out loud! Well played mate

  15. Anyone else sense the tension in the comms box? Lots of passive aggression, don't think these lads like each other lmao.

  16. Hell of a combo 😂 good work pal!

  17. Perfect, makes a lot of sense. Thanks :)

  18. You in fact lost a world cup final only yesterday :D

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