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TIL that in the operatic song in The Fifth Element, composer Eric Sierra "purposely wrote un-singable things" so she’d sound like an alien. When opera singer Inva Muls came for the part, "she sang 85% of what [Eric] thought was technically impossible", the rest being assembled in the studio.

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  1. It's been quite a few years but I was a pretty frequent flier for a long time (weekly travel for 5 or so years). While you might be able to sneak in a seat like this, typically there's a waitlist/upgradelist for first class. Most of the time if first class is not booked up, people with status with the airline will get upgraded before they board. Sometimes someone doesn't show who has a first class seat booked. In that case, they'll find the next person on the upgrade list sitting in coach and reseat them to the open first class seat.

  2. I did get to stay. Enjoyed the extra legroom, extra seat recline, solo seat location, and free plastic cup of wine.

  3. I do t k ow much of the flash so I can’t say but a lot of people loved Henry Cavil and surprisingly bennaffleck was a really good batman. They wasted those two and everyone that’s left is either crap or doesn’t wanna work with them anymore.

  4. It looks like the “n”s from “don’t” and “know” are hiding, one behind the other, between “ben” and “affleck.”

  5. I was at the gas station today and the woman across the gas pump had her speaker conversation so loud, it was too loud. And I sat there for the minutes to pump my tank. And I had to listen about Gatorade. And Powerade. And how Powerade compares to Gatorade. And why vitamin water “ain’t shit“. And I’ll remember this stupid conversation and instead forget something super important and relevant.

  6. When people broadcast their entire conversation for everyone to hear, I like to participate in said conversation. Both of these women would have known exactly how I felt about the various shades/flavors of blue Gatorade. at length-

  7. Ah, fuck it. I was gonna try and shroud my real name in some convoluted half-assed analogy but I give up.

  8. Yea but IIRC shark attacks, while fucking scary, painful and traumatizing, are very rarely lethal

  9. Somebody get Mr. Pedant some more ankle weights.

  10. All measurements are in my other comment with each square representing a foot.

  11. Oh, whoops! Missed that earlier. Thanks! I’ll post ideas when I’m done. Quick question, though: how many people do you anticipate entertaining at one time, usually?

  12. Anywhere from 10-20 tops, but have some outdoor space near this as well to help with room.

  13. The wall by the bathroom… is that getting knocked down or getting a door put in? With the water plumbed in over there, it’s ideal for the kitchen

  14. Are there specific signs to tell where's the long term? I'll be using for the first time

  15. Yes! I’m going to try and explain this the best I can. So there’s the big main lot right in front of the station, then (if you’re facing the station from the parking lot) there’s an exit road to your left. Just past that, along the fence for a rental lot, there’s about two rows of spots that are marked as 7 day parking. There are plenty of signs, but they’re white so they don’t really stand out.

  16. So true. I would welcome men saying "not all men" - to other men. If their buddy told a sexist joke and they would say, "hey bro, you think it's funny but not all men do so I'm calling you out". That'd be neat.

  17. Check out Daniel Sloss's comedy special "X." Without giving too much away, he calls shit out.

  18. Those are crochet needles? For $90?? Sweet Jesus.

  19. I said the same thing!! Winchester of Suburbia.

  20. My first boyfriend (me 15/16, him 16/17) overdosed in 2014 at the age of 26. We think it was intentional, as his closest friend (more like a brother to him) had overdosed 7 years prior and most of his other friends had gone down the same road since. He had been mostly clean for about 2 years, but between the lack of support from his family, the loss of his friends, and the fact he had never matured past the age of 15 years old due to a decade of heroin use, he was having a very hard time adjusting to the demands of adult life.

  21. I agree, your home has a ton of potential. Are the original hardwoods underneath the vinyl flooring in the living room?

  22. They are! Unfortunately, a large section by the front door has to be completely replaced because it appears she let her dogs pee in the same spot for god knows how long before slapping that vinyl plank down 😬

  23. Ok first off can I just tell you you’re my hero?? My uncle lives just far enough into the “country” that people monsters will drop their dogs off on his property— not that they’re aware of that, they just think it’s a nice meadow… right next to a county road. You know what happens to those pets if they’re not rescued, so I’ll spare anyone else who reads this the horror and heartbreak. My point is, thank you thank you thank you for having an over- abundance of love and loyalty and humanity that the scum who abandoned their pets so egregiously lack. Also, I want to adopt/rescue ALL THE DOGS and can’t wait until I have the space and funds to take care of my future menagerie.

  24. She gets ALL the pats and pets and scritches and rubs and tickles and snuggles and kisses. It takes up a significant portion of my day.

  25. I too have been shopping for a car recently. There isn’t much difference between rates of your score and a perfect score. Maybe 1.5 points MAX and I’m talking shitty score at a scam dealer and best score through their personal bank. Most rates are between 5.5 and 4 which is still less than inflation. They are good rates for now.

  26. Are you really gonna make me say it? I really don’t want to but seriously, my dude, I think I have to. God damnit.

  27. Lol you come here ASKING for advice and get triggered when you get it.

  28. Your cat has the dumbest face and I absolutely adore him.

  29. I wouldn't doubt it. I pulled this out of a Canon NTSC ZR65 MC, which was last manufactured in 2003. For some reason I can't find info on what these cost back then though.

  30. Whoever remixed this "song" should fall into that ditch next.

  31. Yeah and a lot less hassle to rent them, too. I don't know if it's every Uhaul but every one I've used seemed to be run by the most useless, mean, and stupid people I've ever met. The one time I had to basically go Karen on the guy coz he just sat there at the desk staring at me and not replying when I talked to him. Was the last time I went there.

  32. The last UHaul I rented required my license, a $150 security hold, and my insurance info since I wasn’t using theirs (ok, makes sense) PLUS the names and phone numbers of two people who would vouch for me in case I didn’t turn in the truck. I figured I could just put in some random numbers because I’m not about to just give the greasy, sneering ratfink behind the counter any more personal information than is absolutely necessary.

  33. 'Narcissistic' and 'psychiatrist' should never be next to each other wtf somebody take her fucking license away

  34. You know, they say that going to therapy (especially couples’ therapy) actually gives narcissists MORE ammo/intel against the world and everyone in it, thereby making the problem worse. They know they’re hurtful and crazy making and manipulative, and they love it. Telling them exactly what buttons to push under the guise of “communication” (aka explaining basic human emotions to an otherwise competent, if not exceptional, adult) during therapy is like telling a serial killer where the knives are while pointing to your squishy spots.

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