1. I have a problem where people will be acting weird and in my mind it would be proof, or maybe certain things I don't understand I go to the worst conclusion. I'd see certain things that look like something else. Like I have this problem where I think my someone doesn't like me in the house. I'd think they'd do something to the food in the fridge. These are some things that I've done alot of them sound embarrassing, I don't wanna go into full detail. When do can't find something I think someone in the house too them. One time I thought my mom took money off my card. I have a huge problem trusting her financially. That probably started though when my money was in her name and she didn't give me all of it just lied to me and I lived in a different house. My trust issues with my boyfriends over time I eventually just let them do anything and just follow, that's what I did like two relationships ago. I just trusted him wholeheartedly. We've talked recently and some of the things he'd done he'd wished I got on to him.

  2. Well scientifically you should look towards DBT style interventions for the distress. There is a book on DBT for bipolar, those kinds of skills work. With mindfulness, it's like, if you try to make the voices go away they get stronger, if you try to ignore them they get stronger, but if you just sit with them and allow them to be, and you repeat "this is just a thought, this is just a feeling, just a malfunction" they get weaker, or become less distressing, because you are tagging them as not important, when before, you are telling your brain they are super important by reacting to them. So, at the very least, you are preventing spiralling from them, and giving yourself some space in between thoughts to make a different decision, better decisions, about how to bring down the stress. A good book about this is Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts, you can get it on libgen.

  3. I absolutely love this!! I've developed unhealthy coping mechanisms. Thank you!!

  4. I have to wait out the storm, if I'd argued it'll just make them worse. Listening to music maybe, or even YouTube. Maybe drink a cup of chamomile. I'd be stressed out for years until I understand the situation.

  5. Sorry if I don't reply right away or if I don't and it all almost sounds the same. My communication skills are terrible, I try my best. It's really hard trying to come up with something on the spot and I do get anxiety.

  6. I've noticed when I worked people assuming that I was normal or like them just made my life even harder.

  7. I used to do this alot. Never knew why. It would start as a weird feeling that would lead me to remember something. Noticed it watching a video my friends took. I could tell that I was dissociating. All I wanted to do was enjoy the moment, but I couldn't.

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