1. the classic ‘I’m white and I say so’ , OJ was found innocent yet Hes still guilty in the eyes of racist America.

  2. ??? He’s seen as guilty because he is guilty, he got off because he had the money for a good lawyer and he stopped taking his diabetes meds.

  3. You're probably looking at about $10K to $15K. NVG's and Thermal NOD's typically run around $10K plus depending on the brand and your gun optics must be be night vision ready like the Eotech XPS 3-0, which adds an extra $500 - $600. Add in the corresponding Eotech magnifier to be used at longer distances and that's another $400 - $500.

  4. A top of the line Gen 3 PVS-14 with a high FOM which is rated for recoil up to 7.62x51 will run you about $3500.

  5. Not many options I can find. There's the Chinese looking stocks from manticore arms.

  6. I figured as much. I know SLR makes one but I’m worried it’ll be too short for me.

  7. That’s the word I’m looking for. I’d love to find something that looks like a JMAC but isn’t $400 and can mount to the folding adapter I already have.

  8. She taught me to never rely on a partner to help you make ends meet. I came home from work to an empty apartment with all my shit gone (including my dog) and a lease+other bills I couldn’t afford in my name. Ever since then, even though it’s been years, I plan mine and my family’s budget as though I have to pay it all alone, even though my now-girlfriend works part time and helps out. I refuse to ever be in that spot again where I could lose everything I worked hard for.

  9. Was none of that grounds for legal action? That sounds intense

  10. I was 19, broke as shit, had zero support system, and lost my father to suicide a week or two after she left. I chalk it up to a lesson learned, and hope she found whatever it was she was looking for.

  11. Crazy that now the taliban has its own insurgents to deal with

  12. The Russians had the Muj, we had the taliban, now the taliban has their very own insurgency. They grow up so fast :’)

  13. Just to be sure you should check the local laws regarding discharging of a firearm/rifle in your area. Would be a crappy thing to get jammed up on.

  14. No restrictions on private property outside of town limits where I live, I even called the sheriffs department to make sure.

  15. What light will you use to identify your target at night? If none, do you have a thermal scope? And Rule 4: Always know your target and what is beyond it.

  16. A coworker may lend me his PVS-14, but I’ve also got a surefire on my rifle if I need it, and the direction of fire will be onto ~125 acres of private heavily wooded property with no structures or people. From my back deck, I could shoot in any direction and not be at risk of harming anyone or anything im not trying to kill.

  17. No. Xi is looking to perform BETTER than Russia in Ukraine and that's the only thing to help him right now. So he WILL bet everything on getting a success operation.

  18. The United States would fuck China’s’ dad if they attempted an invasion of Taiwan. Look at what American weapon systems in the hands of a foreign army are doing to the “SeCoND BeSt MiLitArY” in the world. Invading Taiwan would be bad for business, and that’s one thing China doesn’t find acceptable.

  19. Eh, I’m not too worried. China knows that the US would fuck it’s dad and it’s not good for business.

  20. What would that to to the average human when stepped on. Surely it wouldn’t be healthy but that did look like it‘d kill you. Kinda looked like a bad firework

  21. The PFM-1 mine is specifically designed to maim, not to kill. Their nickname is “toe-poppers”. They will mangle the foot, possibly take it off completely, but won’t kill you. That takes 3 people out of action (one wounded, 2 to assist) instead of just 1 dead. These mines are also impossible to render safe, detonation in place is the only method of disposal.

  22. Ive had it for 7 years and had no issues with it functioning. Cosmetic issues come from use lol.

  23. My old mentor has a Starrett dial calipher that he bought in 1977. They still look brand new, as soon as he’s done using them, they go back into the case. He used them daily, since he was a machinist all his life. I’ll admit, I can beat the hell out of some tools. But my indicators, mics, etc. all go into a padded drawer on my tool cart because they cost a hell of a lot of money and I need them to stay precise. Hell, I got my dial Indicator from a retiring coworker with a resolution of thousandths of a millimeter that he bought 20 years ago.

  24. I pretty much have done the same. Once I bought quality, shit held up way better.

  25. When I worked in mining, we never used cotter pins because they’d always break from rock beating them to shit. Instead, we’d use a bolt an inch or so longer, thread the nut on tight, then heat the exposed end of the bolt with a torch till it was glowing and mushroom it with a sledge hammer. Works great.

  26. It probably made them last longer, if anything. Annealing softens metals to make them more ductile. If we quenched them after heating you’d be absolutely right, as it would make them much more brittle. We let them cool without quenching.

  27. I bought a ton of shit off GAFS, and had my machinist friend mill me a lower. All in all, I spent around $1000 before glass, mounts, and bipod. Didn’t use any cheap shit, but it took a while to build because I’d buy parts as deal popped up.

  28. My daughter is now 19 months old. I had never even held a baby before she was born. However, from the second I saw her, one thing that struck me was how new everything was to her. My face, the cold hospital room air, all of this was brand new. She’d never felt hunger or discomfort or anything until the moment she was born and the had no idea what any of these things were. So, she cried. Any time she cried, it was because she needed something. She was hungry, scared, tired, or sick and needed food, sleep, or comfort. People would say “just let her cry it out, she’s manipulating you!” They’re babies, they don’t know how to manipulate. Parents like this (similar to how my mom was, a cry it out and get over it type) create children that grow to seek attention elsewhere, no matter how unhealthy.

  29. I agree with everything you said. I would note however that I’ve best luck with cast welding using nickel rod.

  30. Come to think of it, I think that’s what I used when welding cast iron. I hated cast, most of what I did was cast manganese steel which tended to be fucking miserable.

  31. I was gonna say i think there is a process for welding cast. It sounds like a pain.

  32. Hello fellow gun enthusiast. Just kidding, I’m an AK guy located in Ruckersville, I work in Culpepper. Would love to meet some other unwashed AK gremlins.

  33. From my experience they like to keep the tech side of things under lock and key so that you have to pay them to come out and do repairs. However while that technician is in your shop there's nothing stopping you from asking them questions and watching what they do. I actually became friends and exchanged numbers with the Siemens technician who used to come out and do maintenance work for us.

  34. We do all the maintenance work and all of the older guys are totally proficient on running the machines in maintenance mode, and they are teaching me. I was just seeing if perhaps there was a user manual for operators/technicians I could study in my off time.

  35. When I learned Sinumerik in Trade School (820d though, not 808), my Teacher gave me something called SinuTrain, the official Training Software from Siemens. You might be lucky calling Siemens and asking them for a Copy. My Trade School had a bunch of 50 hour licences for the students and with a bit of training it was quite fun

  36. So about $1700 US to end up a piece of charcoal? Sounds like a shit deal.

  37. This is my daughters’ name, could I comission you to make another?

  38. If an AWB is passed, I will comply with laws, yes. This is why I removed any braced firearms I had, and converted them to either registered SBRs or traditional long barrel/stock rifles. Or, in one case, returned it to a pistol configuration.

  39. What’s the word for an Uncle Tom but relating to the gun community? Because you’re it.

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