1. People are really having fun with this, but I don't think she's working there. It is weird she has a hairnet in the picture, but she doesn't have a uniform on. I think she's just picking up an order for the Beast.

  2. I agree with you, i think if it is her, there’s a different reason for wearing the hair net.

  3. If this were to go to court for lying about disability and such. Can y’all imagine the poor judge having to watch ALR vlogs in full screen to get the evidence LOL. That poor courtroom 😂😂😂

  4. They can’t. Edited videos aren’t allowed as evidence and would have to be subpoenaed , that’s why the girls on mtv never got stopped for anything even like using their phones while driving or no seatbelt. (Teen Mom)

  5. Your payment doesn’t increase and you might might not even have enough for your dependents to get anything. But they (the kids) should receive 25 percent each of your 1224 if they are eligible.

  6. Because you have to have enough earnings on your record for them to receive dependent benefits. I get ssdi but because mine is a lower amount, my son doesn’t qualify for dependent benefits. It’s also not automatic, you have to apply for it. I waited hours at the SS office just to be told sorry, we can’t do anything. (This was pre pandemic)

  7. it's not as easy as "What are my chances with X disability/disabilities." Lots of things go into a decision, such as your work history, your age, what exactly your medical records say, if your disabilities are covered in the blue book, etc.

  8. Exactly, and let's face it, younger people have a harder time being approved.

  9. Ehhh I wouldn’t say that necessarily. Too many different factors including someone’s education & previous work go into it. I’ve seen plenty of claims where the disability was the same however the older person who had extensive work & higher education was denied & younger approved

  10. I’m disabled myself. Companies have to accommodate you, however it doesnt give you the right to do a bad job. The point is, accommodations put you at the same level as everyone else and you still have to be able to do the basic job duties. Bad job performance is a legit reason to fire someone.

  11. Companies don't have to give you accommodations. They can say it is an undue hardship. Undue hardship means significant difficulty, including accommodations that are overly extensive or disruptive, or which could impact the actual running of a business.

  12. Any company that serves the public has to make accomodations regardless of size and the business has to prove it would be an undue hardship, they can't just say that

  13. That doesn’t sound good. He needs to see a vet, can you try an emergency vet?

  14. they're all in suffolk county. walked up from my basement panicking because i smelled smoke, then i realized windows are open and its from the fireworks lol

  15. I'm in Suffolk and even the m80s weren't going off here. It was a lot quieter than usual

  16. I used a debt management program. I'll be done this December. I was over 20k in cc debt when I started. My credit score never got affected and in fact is quite good.

  17. Thanks for the info! Do you mind DMing me the name of the program?

  18. She looks good. I've been enjoying the new outfits. I feel something seems fishy about the tubes too but at least she hasn't been posting tube content and seems motivated about her new job.

  19. The outfit isn't bad but it doesn't look like it fits, it looks too small. A peplum top looks good with fitted bottoms. The pants are laying too low and that cardigan looks strained

  20. With a name like Seamus, you must be Irish. And if you're Irish then you better know who Thin Lizzy is. And if you know who Thin Lizzy is, then you should be impressed because they are incredibly unpopular in the US. Shame because they're one of my favorites. (I'm American)

  21. Do you have any stomach issues? I have celiac and when I eat gluten I legit look 6-9mo pregnant and my belly is hard. It is from gas and such, lasts a couple weeks. Not saying this is what you have but maybe a different GI issue? Also people carry weight differently. Have you always carried more weight in your belly area?

  22. I have lbs or some digestive disease and I can bloat really badly sometimes.

  23. Oh yes I do but cmon they’ve got a bunch of kids! Not adults, shit I don’t even like Russian foods

  24. Ahh yea, that’s true. Don’t know many kids who like borscht

  25. haha, nah i'm not a performer or anything. It was I was forced to learn in my youth to make me fit into American society

  26. You never know. I thought I wasn't a performer until I found what I loved!

  27. its nice to be that guy at the parties, who can play tunes and wow the audience.

  28. Ah no, I don’t do that. Although I will be at the end of the month at my bbq. I do open mic nights :)

  29. "Fired for speaking up on abortion rights"

  30. Honestly, no. No rabbit should be in a cage. X pen at a minimum.


  32. If you get married and divorced, you can never get DAC again. So no. I wouldn't do it unless I was ok with losing it forever

  33. Michael Jackson. He'd kill Billie Jean, but I'd also like for him to cover Thin Lizzy. (I'm obsessed with that band lol)

  34. You can receive SSDI out of the country, so'll be fine.

  35. Thank you! I appreciate you answering my question. Is there anything I need to do or need to let Social Security know when it is time to leave for Germany?

  36. Yes, you could call the 1800 # and let them know. In case you get a medical review, they should know where you're going.

  37. I'm quite a bit older but my fav band ever is Irish and beloved back in Ireland. Ever since I really got into them, I've kind of fallen in love with ireland. My coworkers dad is from Ireland (somewhere 3 hours from Dublin in a rural area) and I'm so jealous she's going there soon.

  38. It sounds like you like Ireland a hell of a lot more than I do lol

  39. Haha well Ireland isn't America. The climate is nicer for one. We go from 0 c and lower to 38 c in my parts, Ireland is much more even. We also have courts taking away the women's right to choose, our health care is expensive and I'm over it, honestly.

  40. The IRS is part of Department of Treasury. The IRS has its own commissioner, though, and does its own thing.

  41. Technically, the IRS is a division of the Treasury but acts as a subset. So they're kinda separate still

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