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  1. bro i had to walk away before i broke my controller on that fucking summoning one a few days ago.

  2. You can use a combination of amulet gems that will get your poison resistance all the way up to 75%. The status effect didn't even proc once for me once I switched to that build

  3. I like them overall but they do have major play testing problems compared to the Valkiries. I don't think this is a boss design issue because the devs and fight designers are supposed to push the limits of what's acceptable, otherwise we would get the same complaining as Souls and Monster Hunter games get: "this game is easier than the previous one".

  4. I agree with you on the last part. I also found that turning subtitles on for the trio fight made it a lot easier. The mage berserkers will call out their spells before they cast them and I when ever I saw them shout out the homing ball spell I was able to react and sometimes do a pretty awesome 360 no scope lmao

  5. Yeah I honestly kinda raged and just decided to power thru the story just now because they're so annoying and just not feeling worth the effort at all. I found myself avoiding playing the game because of some of the side content so I'm just going to do what I find fun first and return later. Some of those fights are beyond obnoxious, and to get all the way through one just to be one shot is beyond annoying.

  6. Intimidation, the results arent useful in court but the things they say while on there still can be used; most people dont know that polygraphs dont work and the cops are more than happy to lie to you about that

  7. Interesting. So lawyers can't use the data on the paperwork the polygraph produces, but they can use whatever the dependent verbally expresses?

  8. I think if it follows the level of seriousness that Krampus had, it'd be perfect.

  9. These are normal intrusive thoughts that everyone has had at some point, but the point where it becomes clinical/diagnosible is when it starts causing you distress and disrupting daily life.

  10. It's a little funny because it was actually a strawberry jolly rancher. My phone is blue and rules are rules 🤷‍♀️

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