On rewatch: Ed never really listened to Stede, huh?

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  1. Arnim Zola. Also Hydra, also a Nazi, a scientist creating weapons and experimenting on humans. Guy was total scum and he pretty much got away with everything. That's the worst bit.

  2. Yes, exactly. But that's what makes it so easy to hate this character, if you know anything about history you can see the parallels. He's a depressingly realistic villain.

  3. I think it would all be fine if we just accepted that these projects are all different, and intended for different audiences. You like magic? Watch Wanda and Vision. You prefer something closer to a regular action movie? Watch Falcon or Hawkeye. You're a teenager? You'll probably enjoy Ms Marvel. We don't have to love all of them, there's enough variety for anyone to find sth they like.

  4. As much as I'd want to see Winter/Widow, I would prefer a loose adaptation of that romance with Antonia. I'm assuming that Antonia will develop a personality by the time the events of the Thunderbolts take place, and with the undercover Red Room / HYDRA shenanigans, I can see a bit of Winter Soldier training Taskmaster. Or something.

  5. Antonia could also work. If she gets an interesting personality (which is highly likely). Technically even Ghost could work.

  6. It is certainly possible. Unless they stick to the comic version of Yelena being ace, of course. But who knows, MCU tends to switch lots of things around, even character's gender, so it's definitely not set in stone.

  7. The team has 6 people in it 7 if you count val. Adding anymore and you run into the same problem eternals had too many cast members not enough screen time. For most of these characters it’s gonna be their second on screen appearance and still need a lot of development with the audience. Long story short the cast you see is the cast your getting at least for the first film.

  8. I completely agree. I kind of understand why people would want certain characters to be added to the roster but I also think that too many of them is a problem. Just as it was with Eternals, as you said. There were too many of them and sure, they had some cool powers, but did we actually care about them? Nope. I'd rather have decent character development and interesting interactions (and this team has a great potential for that) than incredibly flashy but overcrowded team where everyone gets 5 minutes of screentime.

  9. It all depends on how much money you have. Generally you can either buy a relatively new ipad (and same as others, I recommend a drawing app called Procreate) or you can buy a seperate device, like the wacom drawing tablet. The second option can be very cheap if you buy e.g. wacom intuos S and connect it to your computer. There are many programs to use with it, from photoshop to krita (which you can get for free).

  10. The ship is called Revenge because the original Bonnet's ship was also called Revenge. So our Stede's personality doesn't really matter here.

  11. I can actually answer this since I'm reading The Life and Tryles of the Gentleman Pirate (and also I read a lot of pirate books because they're my vibe) and it's amazing cus it just fits in with Stede's vibe in the show.

  12. It's a very plausible theory. I mean, what other good ending could we get? They must retire at some point, and connecting the fuckery of faking their deaths to historical facts seems like a great way to do it.

  13. Ha, this is fun, these are pretty good choices, especially Buttons as a druid and Stede as a paladin, brilliant. I'd maybe argue for making Ed... maybe an eldritch knight? He's not just a physical fighter but cleary has a thing for psychological fear and fantasy/mystical themes (the Kraken, the fuckery scene with the smoke etc.).

  14. I'm so glad to ear that! :D 💙 looking forward to see art from you too 💙

  15. I already posted one, I started it when you showed us your WIP :) I also happen to have a thing for sad Ed (and tentacles, apparently... hmm...)

  16. Someone here wrote a beautiful comment on another post (I'd link if I could find it because believe me I've tried to find it again) that was lengthy and brilliant about how the red silk very transparently represents Ed's heart.

  17. Oh I agree, it definitely does seem like the silk represents Ed's heart.

  18. You're very brave, I don't even dare to watch anything in Polish because I'm too scared to see how they completely butchered the original. Sometimes it's just better not to know!

  19. I particluarly like the tentacle curling under his chin ;) Great job overall, I can't wait to see the final result!

  20. Holy shit. As an artist myself I find this incredibly disturbing.

  21. The scene where Ed is teaching Stede some sword fighting. Firstly, because sword fights are cool and there isn't enough of them in this show... and secondly, because the whole thing is absolutely hilarious. Stede cutting himself, them not knowing where the liver is located, or what it does. And of course Izzy's reaction. I've seen this scene way too many times but it never fails to make me laugh.

  22. With a bachelor's degree you can join master's degree studies in Poland. Ideally in your own field. Since you didn't specify what kind of degree you have, it's hard to give you any solid advice as to which university to pick, but most of them run some sort of programs for foreigners. So I'd first start looking at the websites of the biggest universities in Poland to check whether any of them have programs that match your interest. Then you can contact them to get additional info as to what is needed in terms of documents etc.

  23. Thanks for sharing! I love watching the whole process. Very interesting and helpful.

  24. Of course! I might post more as I go. I’m planning on doing a few more studies <3

  25. Awesome! I'd love to see more. I'm relatively decent at sketching but doing anything in colour... eugh. I ought to do some studies myself, ha. You work is quite inspiring.

  26. To be fair I would find it a bit weird if Ed empathically listened to Stede in ep 4. He literally just met the guy. Sure, he finds Stede interesting enough, but at this point he still considers having him killed later on. He's Blackbeard. He's a pirate. When you go around your whole life killing and looting... Well, being a good listener isn't really your top priority. I'd even say it would be a huge hinderance. Ed himself said he isn't a good person, and I think we can objectively agree with him.

  27. Yess I’m so glad someone finally said this. I keep seeing people be like “look at his face he’s so happy, he’s so in love” but that is not an expression of joy, that is an expression of barely-holding-it-together (of course he’s also in love but it’s like that’s practically a grimace not a smile)

  28. Exactly, he definitely doesn't look sure of himself, or happy. Funny thing is I had to rewatch it to notice this... The first time I was so hyped up by the kiss that I didn't really see it clearly, I thought he was just being understandably nervous... Which is why I can totally believe Ed hasn't either. On the rewatch it became so, sooo obvious, since I knew what was coming.

  29. Well, Ed saved Stede's life twice in season 1, it would make perfect sense if they turned it around, have Stede become a more competent pirate and save Ed for a change. I can totally see it happening. It could be Hornigold, they do need some sort of an antagonist. Unless it's the navy again.

  30. I imagine they are going to have trouble with the English, since they agreed to the terms in the Act of Grace and then ran away immediately, and because it looks likely that one of them murdered Chauncey, and because Blackbeard is Blackbeard.

  31. Oh yes, definitely. And who knows, maybe there's one more Badminton out there...

  32. I am wondering how the HELL we're gonna have a happy ending in just one more chapter....

  33. Ha, you just made me reread the whole last chapter... I have my theories too. I don't want to get into too much details here and spoil anything to anyone, though.

  34. Oh, yeah, that's why I am being vague, too. It was actually something in the previous chapter that made something click for me. And then I was thinking, "Oh. Oh no.... "

  35. It's definitely going to hurt more... but hey, that's why we're in the "angsty fic recs" thread. I do love it when they torture and emotionally eviscerate my favourite characters!

  36. Maybe it's just because it is so gay, as simple as that. Someone is nervous about putting such show on their network. Or hesitant about changing pirate image, seeing how it got so popular, fearing the inevitable iconic status. It seems that homophobes all around already hate Jack Sparrow for "spoiling" the image of pirate.

  37. But if that was true then season 1 wouldn't air in the first place, right? They knew what it was about.

  38. Season 1 aired but without much fanfare or promotion. It may have been a hard sell/considered a gamble to some execs.

  39. Yeah I agree that it may have been a hard sale/gamble for some... but clearly that gamble paid off, people love the show. What should they fear now? The "harm" is already done because it's widely known HBO aired this queer pirate show. I feel like it would be way worse for them to cancel it now. I can imagine the outrage.

  40. I think it's absolutely impossible to predict what's going to happen due to the comedy nature of the show. They can either go full-drama about it or kind of dismiss it as a "no harm no foul" situation if the entire crew (including Lucius) are indeed alive and well. They could make either option work, honestly.

  41. Honest to goodness thought it was just a bromance till episode 9 😂 I kept thinking as I watched “There is so much adorable subtext! The fanfic writers are gonna have a field day with this!”

  42. I had the exact same reaction. I mean it all seems really obvious now, and I shipped those two since the start, but I really didn't believe they would let it go that far. When they kissed I was just sitting there, staring at the screen thinking "they ACTUALLY let them kiss?! For real?!" It's... pretty sad, actually, that we are so used to it being just subtext that many of us didn't believe it right until the end.

  43. I really wonder where those "itching for a fight" comments come from... Probably teenagers playing too much Call of Duty. Come on, no one wants war. No one with any braincells left, at least. War means pain, suffering and destruction for everyone involved, particulary civilians, since they didn't ask for it. It only benefits crazy politicians who are safe somewhere in a bunker or flee to a different country. The rest of us would be stuck here with bombs raining down. You think anyone really wants that?

  44. Every noun in Polish language has it gender. So not only women names are ending with 'a', but everything considered fem. Just like in Latin based languages, but we don't have prepositions like Spanish (la, el, etc.) if noun ends in 'a' it's female, if it ends with an 'o' it's genderless, anything else is male

  45. I'd just add that there are many exceptions to this, "krew" and "kość" are feminine but don't end with -a. Endings -e and -ę are also neutral, not just -o, for example "słońce", "zwierzę". And there are words ending with -a, like "astronauta", "kierowca" which are masculine.

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