How the soup base for hotpot is made

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  1. I'd like to buy from their store and support the family. One of the victims of the shooting was the boyfriend of Richard Fierro's daughter. However, if you do buy from them in support, I think it would be a good idea to put in the comments box of the order form that you don't expect the merchandise or whatever you're purchasing any time soon.

  2. Your hair looks amazing, but also the way you were treated is not okay. I think you should talk with the salon. The price differential between what you were expecting and what you were charged is one thing, but maybe there is some reason (which they owe you an explanation for either way) but not actually having your hair done by the person you scheduled with is just wrong. If your original stylist was too busy they should have consulted with you first if you wanted to reschedule or were okay with seeing another stylist - which in this case you weren't because you very specifically picked out the one who specialized in natural hair, it wasn't like you were okay with just anyone. I feel angry on your behalf! (even though I do think you look great in both pics but that's not really the point)

  3. Thriftique over in Lawerenceville is good. A little pricier than Goodwill or Salvation Army, but good stuff.

  4. I love this picture, it looks like a vintage polaroid

  5. I'm working towards a career in non-fiction science writing and I want to try using the Word doc function on the Supernote for distraction-free writing. I just have a terrible time focusing when trying to write on my laptop, so even if the SN typing is barebones and laggy, I want to give it a try. I'm hoping the lag doesn't bother me too much since I am a slow writer anyway.

  6. I got two generic keyboards and both seem to work fine. I got

  7. So funnily enough that first one you linked is exactly the one I put in my Amazon cart. Good to have confirmation it will work, I'll proceed with ordering it!

  8. As a follow-up question, can you sync the Word doc from your SN to then edit on your computer if you need more full Word functionality later? (formatting, etc.)

  9. I feel like the recommended drinks depend on the outcome of the election on Tuesday lol

  10. Where is it going to be? I'd be interested in going too.

  11. Schenley Plaza! Obama and Fetterman are coming on around noon but doors open at 9 so I’m planning on getting to Oakland early to be safe.

  12. My hair isn't this long but it has a similar texture and curl pattern - this look with the curtain bangs is my goal!

  13. I canceled my annual and got a refund on my 3 remaining boxes. I'm soooooo glad

  14. I know you posted this as a help question and I'm sorry I don't have any advice but I think your hair looks amazing

  15. I like my 1x - I was preparing to go on a long multi-day ride on unpaved trail (GAP trail from Pittsburgh) and my LBS affirmed that a 1x would be great for that, because it's one less mechanism to get gunked up with mud and stuff and require maintenance on the trail. That said everyone else I rode with was riding on 2x's and had no problem.

  16. I live in Edgewood (near Regent Square) and there are lots of LGBTQ flags here, and a lot of the description of what you are looking for matched what my partner and I were also looking for. If you'd like someone to show you around the neighborhood a bit when you visit, feel free to send me a PM :)

  17. I'm still not convinced bay leaves do anything and it's all just a conspiracy by Big Bay Leaf


  19. Thanks, I did do this and was refunded for my three remaining boxes. I tried to be really nice about it, just that I know what I signed up for initially but given recent issues with communication about brands, and low quality/expired products, I didn't feel like I was getting what I signed up for. The customer service representative was very kind in turn.

  20. It's like gravel bikes were made for this city, between the rough roads and the awesome metro parks (Schenley and Frick)

  21. This is very interesting, was the river dammed up for this? It kind of looks like it

  22. When I put in my address at check-out to test, it added on $19 for shipping. No sure about tariffs or customs on top of that.

  23. What a cute kitty! This isn't in answer to your question, but is that an aloe plant? If so I'd just be careful if your kitty likes to munch on it. I think that aloe can be toxic to cats if consumed in high quantities - something to look into.

  24. Thank you! It’s not an aloe but appreciate you looking out for my little guy

  25. Ok good! I'm still working on my plant identification skills haha

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