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  1. i think your confused with software engineering, not computer engineering

  2. This community is toxic for the most random of reasons.

  3. I'm going to be interested to see who billionaires are going to sell their products to when they eventually leave a huge percentage of the public chronically unemployed and moneyless.

  4. That one where a whole city plays into a kid with cancer being batman for a day.

  5. I wouldn’t say he’s intellectually close to a da Vinci, but I would say his creative prowess is akin to Picasso’s. For example, Picasso popularized the “collage”, so people say he invented it. Kanye revolutionized sampling, he may as well be known as the inventor of it in the far future— at least a master of it.

  6. kanye hasn’t come close to sampling as Dilla or Madlib, stop dick riding him

  7. y’all ready for the die lit movie⁉️

  8. i remember i once commented something rly simple under her photo and she followed me, i was so shocked 😭

  9. He’s a youtuber that does MHF4U. Literally a life saver

  10. Let’s just say if a car happened to come my way I wouldn’t move 💀

  11. 51 but apparently the whole class did terribly so i got a retest for half the questions, but even if i get a 100 on it i’ll still have 75 max

  12. she hasn’t done a restest in years, apparently the whole class did terrible, she even dropped some questions cause no one got them lmao

  13. I can excuse racism, but I draw the line at public library hate

  14. functions, chem, and physics in the same semester???? dude did no one advise u to change ur schedule

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