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  1. Why isn't Bones getting any minutes ? (even with Mann getting tossed last night)

  2. At some point, he is what he is. No excuses. (unless he is willing to own it and try to really change).

  3. And Kleber missed it badly too, even if he drains it if AD doesn’t contest it at all, it’d still have the same point total since he hit 3 FTs in a row

  4. Did anyone else notice that all of the Mavs players on the bench were standing the entire 4th quarter ?

  5. never draft to trade. everyone values players differently, you shouldn’t be drafting players you don’t actually want on your roster. if you want to trade players you’d also be happy to keep, sure

  6. I used to draft a couple of extra closers. Some team will panic because they don't have saves after a month -- and if I have a closer who happened to be doing well -- it was a great trade asset. Some team will overpay.

  7. The draft is the best night of the year. (especially for auctions)

  8. Hitting a provisional when the ball may be in (or not) a water hazard.

  9. Water hazards are lateral. No need to hit a provisional.

  10. Actually there is no such thing as a provisional related to a water hazard. If someone does his a "2nd ball" -- it is in play.

  11. Putting chip-on-chip 3D (not 2.5D) is definitely a step function improvement.

  12. The Lakers should offer him $84M for 4 years again.

  13. Russ is always the one showboating and taunting at the height of his career in OKC. Getting into people's faces screaming after big dunks, rocking the baby after buckets, etc. etc.

  14. We selected a dog that will be 18-20 pounds -- thinking that is the minimum weight where we wouldn't have to worry.

  15. Ricky Davis was disappointed. The way to really pad stats is to miss at your own basket with no one around -- and then get the rebound.

  16. Kind of sad. Arnold Palmer was clearly accused of cheating by Ken Venturi in the 1958 Masters. It related to a plugged ball -- and playing 2 balls due to the controversy.

  17. I'm sure I have. I don't have the scorecards to prove it. But I played probably 1000 rounds on the course.

  18. CNN is real news- I like them out of all the others bc they don’t really swing one way or another- perfect for someone who does not identify with a particular political party-

  19. I do it because I'm trying to get some "golf karma". I know it isn't mine. Plus it kills some time waiting for other players to chip/putt.

  20. Dennis is on a league veteran minimum deal. The others are max contract players. It’s not that complicated. He’d be doing the same thing if his contract situation was different. He needs to play to make his next check.

  21. It is interesting to recall that he turned down $80M / years from the Lakers.

  22. I can't watch the ESPN/ABC pre-games & half-times.

  23. 3 times 3-foot boys. Measured from their shoulders, he is 7'3".

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