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  1. No, sorry I have no idea. I'll ask around and get back to you if I find out.

  2. Pulling the last few moves was always the real sonofabirch for me 🥵

  3. Those are the shorts or the shoes? I’m asking about the shorts

  4. Oh shoot, sorry. I think some random sports brand from Target lol

  5. What did you use in the pan for the sear? Crust looks perfect!

  6. Just out of curiosity, how often do you climb to progress from 10b to 12c in 18 months?

  7. I was bouldering outdoor V7’s at the time, so I had the strength, but lacked severely in technique, pacing, footwork, and mental game. I got really lucky and found a psyched partner at a similar level, and we’ve been consistently sport climbing outside 2-3x/week.

  8. Any tips? I'm a similar boulderer but keep on getting gassed whenever I'm doing sport climbs.

  9. Find a reliable partner at similar strength/stronger with good positive energy, and climb outside as much as possible on every angle and style. Often times, on rest days/injured I’ll go and just belay my partner, because his success is also important to me. The stronger he is, the more I’m inspired to push myself.

  10. You may need to refine something off the wall as well. Maybe do a longer warm up or more warm up routes to try and maximize the flow state and minimize the chance of over gripping.

  11. I completely agree with everything you're saying; still working on finding a consistent warm up routine to tap into that "empty flow state." Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't lol.

  12. You look pretty stressed the whole way. Climbing quickly is probably the best tactic if this is as sustained as I’ve heard. Sprinting between little shakes, and getting through the hard moves before you fall off is a great way to optimize for power endurance climbing.

  13. Wow, thank you so much. I’ve always paid more attention to your comments and videos over the years, especially since you’re a bigger climber that crushes hard. Looks like a linebacker climbing double digits.

  14. Just watched Fight Club for the first time.

  15. Shawshank Redemption is definitely still worth watching.

  16. Amazing, had me 😂 reading your comment makes me wanna go even more now. I adore Lander. Nice job!

  17. Holy crap, thank you so much! Ironically I focused less on climbing as fast as possible, and prioritized being deliberate and managing my heart rate as I’m moving. I really appreciate the time you put into this; really puts things into perspective.

  18. Dry brined for 24 hours, sous vide at 144°F for 48 hours before searing in avocado oil.

  19. Dry brined for 24 hours before Sous Vide at 137°F for 3 hours. Patted lamb dry and chilled in freezer for 15 mins before searing in a ~500°F cast iron pan with avocado oil.

  20. How long did you do the sear for after the 15 minute freeze? I always find my meat a bit cold if I do that

  21. About 20-30 seconds each for the top and front; 15 seconds for the sides. I baste the back while searing the front as the fat starts getting bubbly and crispy.

  22. How long do you sear for? After the chill in freezer step, I'm having issues with the insides being cold. I think I might be leaving it in there for too long, since there might be some variance in freezers and how well they cool down stuff.

  23. Yeah, you may have to shorten the chill time a bit. 15 mins in my freezer makes the surface slightly below room temperature.

  24. Do you do this for steaks as well or a different strat?

  25. Same, except I sear for 90 seconds total, flipping every 15 seconds.

  26. Sous Vide at 144 for 48 hours. Chill in freezer for 20 mins, while heating up a cast iron pan to 500°F. Pat the meat dry and sear with ghee for 30 seconds on each side.

  27. We’re you able to get out of that? I used to have a bad habit of getting into positions like that, which felt good and allowed me to move to higher holds, but you’re so extended it’s almost impossible to move from it lol

  28. My beta is to move left foot to the right side of the low rail, right heel next to right hand, right hand to intermediate crimp, readjust right foot into the slot where right hand was, then bump right hand to the slopey rail above. The rest is about a V4/5 sequence to the topout.

  29. Yeah, it worked. Spent a session figuring out beta, but ran out of juice by the end. Planning on hopefully sending next session. Wanted to go today, but it rained 😭

  30. So you take it out the oven at 120 then put it in the freezer?

  31. Can you elaborate why you freeze prior to frying please?

  32. 15-20 mins in the freezer will cool and dry the surface of the steak, while the center stays warm. This allows for a better sear without overcooking the middle.

  33. I see step 3 tossed around here a lot, but it should be noted that if you plan on searing with oil then heating up the pan "as hot as it can possibly get" can result in a fire. You want to stay at/around the smoke point of your oil.

  34. Yeah, you’re right. I’ll edit my post. Best advice would be to get a thermometer and heat a cast iron pan til it reaches 500F.

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