1. That season really went to shit after this game, not dissimilar to the run of results after our 9-0 win against Bournemouth this season

  2. That Bournemouth match, really felt like we were finding our feet for the season

  3. BMW dealerships were handing these out left and right to customers a few years back, super annoying cap that always fall off

  4. I think I totally could have. I went tts and they def feel roomy

  5. 13 lasted maybe 2 minutes, it's hard having big feet man

  6. Same, this was gonna be a nice clean leather low for me but after this mornings drop I might just go find a pair of the gray AJ1 lows

  7. Man, I remember these things selling for as low as like $525 in my size a little bit after release and I said I’d pull the trigger if it hit $500….

  8. Sure I get that it's easier 😄 was thinking it would be possible to control with pouring slow with the filter holder in the air over the jug, a scale under the jug, then removing the jug after a certain weight would work. But yes, a pain and likely messy


  10. Between take down, self-destruct, double-edge, and memento, nothing feels safe anymore for a shiny hunter

  11. Yeah I have a lot of those that I'm not attached to, it was probably from post game

  12. Just small designs to fill in some gaps….shading etc

  13. Ok, I was just hoping you weren’t going to do like stars and dots and shit

  14. Tanzanite blue looks so much better without the matte treatment

  15. They run a half size small compared to MiUSA models like 992, 990v5, and are a little snug for wide footers.

  16. I'm digging this Jordan 2 Responsibility. Just really really hate the price and that midsole would be a nightmare. Good looking shoe tho imo.

  17. I really like them but I’m not pulling the trigger unless they go below retail, which I’m not super optimistic about

  18. Does anyone have any insight into how the Jordan 1 Pinnacle Vachetta Tan fit? I’ve heard half size down/TTS, but wanted to check before dropping the money.

  19. have you heard they fit different that other AJ1s? Because the AJ1 is always TTS

  20. I feel like this is just AI “sexy lava tribal girl” and nothing more than that

  21. idk if you're shadow banned or something but no, there isn't

  22. Not having a 7, 8, or 9 feels so weird, like the entire offense is missing

  23. Still going? Seems like I’m finding everyone but you lol

  24. It’s grams or nothing, there’s no answer for scoops. Roast level, how much you’re packing the scoop, impossible for anyone to advise you.

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