Removing Chlorophyll from a leaf.

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  1. That kind of buttons is peak user interface aesthetic to me.

  2. Couldn't agree more. The Sony VHS machines from this era are sexy as hell.

  3. That is a big. fuckin'. lad. Honestly the fact that he can move his body like this is impressive as hell.

  4. Man there was shrinkflation even back then!

  5. I like to imagine that there's 3 different densities of water in this picture. There's the outdoor weather water, there's the indoor climate controlled water, then there's the dense Epsom Salt bath.

  6. I just thought that would be a viewing window. Didn't even put together that it would have to be freshwater. What decadence this place represents.

  7. Dude is just blatantly slacking off 'after a while'.

  8. Yeah at first glance I definitely thought "oh there's me fucking around after a while"

  9. 24k RAM!?!? Damn, Hero 2000, leave some of those sexy singles for the rest of us mortals

  10. I had an Army buddy who would bring non-lubricated condoms to the field so he got jack off in his sleeping bag without making a mess. He'd then tie I in a knot and the nasty shit would toss it into his hygiene bag. As soldiers we were rough on our equipment, so a couple of times the condoms broke inside and you can imagine the mess. Didn't stop him though. Fucking Infantrymen are animals.

  11. Dear god. CSM found a dude hiding a piss bottle in the tent on course once and went ballistic. Can't fucking imagine if he found wank-condoms.

  12. I think they are saying that as an old lady with increasingly limited mobility, she still puts in the work to sort stuff for the bin, while lots of able bodied people are just too fucking lazy

  13. I guess my thought processes that it’s not hard to do. It’s a change of mindset not extra work.

  14. That's definitely the correct mindset. I'm sure it feels a lot more onerous if you have physical limitations to deal with, but folks who have no such barriers certainly don't have an excuse. I've definitely given close friends who are too lazy to do it a hard time.

  15. The best time to die in these sims are when you are sleeping because you can just roll over and go back to sleep.

  16. hears the familiar, piercing whistle of an arty sim

  17. You must tap the envelope to ensure its contents are not in the slicing section or you'll find yourself making a very embarrassing call asking a client to reissue their check after you've voided what was left of theirs.

  18. I said that as a joke but after looking at the listed prices it seems like I could actually make more money buy buying up the decrepid factory in my overpopulated city and setting up a pod hotel than what I currently do.

  19. Bruh sounds like you got a business to start

  20. Seriously! Nms can definitely benefit from wacky ~story mission~ side quests.

  21. ettoneba also appears to be a karma-farming bot that can only copy and paste other people's stuff. The account was born on August 14 and woke up twenty-two days ago.

  22. I feel the need....the need, for fan speed

  23. Sitting on my shelf right now alongside my HP sets. I'm really hoping to get the new castle to join it.

  24. Must have already broke the side panel...

  25. Christ Alive this is cool as shit. Is this your build? And if so how did you do it?

  26. Oh haha, it's pretty sleek. Yea, I added the backlight a few years back and just recently did the shell swap with new glass screen and buttons. The shell itself is a uv printed design, which really makes it pop. You can pretty much find everything you need at an online retro hardware store to upgrade one, even the instructions. The shell, screen and buttons are generally easy, but the backlight is a bit difficult just fyi.

  27. Awesome. Don't let Mr. Belding give you a hard time for playing this bad boy in class

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