1. You using the stock insoles? I have the same pair, walked 15 last week and feet hurt a bit. Not sure if changing the insoles would help.

  2. Stock yeah. My heels and toes bled for about 3 rounds when I got them, but I tend to have that no matter the shoe. I have been solid and comfortable since!

  3. Where do you get the wraps for those? Tough to find in Canada.

  4. To all the nit pickers, I like the small flaws. I think it has character and the artist is a wonderfully talented dude. More criticism than I expected, but appreciate you having a peak nonetheless. Have a wonderful day wherever you are.

  5. "And when your mother saw this in my bag, that's really when things started to go downhill."

  6. My aunt has gone full blown qanon crackers. Like, she went from being anti-vax to "it alters your dba and turns you into a Lizard person, will result in your sudden death and/or makes you radioactive" levels of batshittery. She had proudly cut off anyone who disagreed with her, is suddenly (inaccurately) religious because the vaccines are a Satanist plot, and honestly seems to be gleeful at the prospect of all us vaxxed folks dying en masse, including her own family members. Even the grandkids.

  7. I can see my house from here! (kind of I used to live in one of the taller buildings off Broadway when I first moved to Saskatoon)

  8. That Bert Tiger 👀🎯 the angel on right forearm might be my fav

  9. Gonna have to re-listen to Oxymoron now to see if your right... I fear you very well might be.

  10. Oxymoron is actually an album I circled back to a few months ago and fell in love with again. It goes hard.

  11. This was one of the better films I watched in 2021. It will forever be an annual rewatch.

  12. Never seen anything like this but this is rad as hell!

  13. How did you handle the pain? Just got my back done yesterday and had to tap out and finish it later

  14. I got this done in one shot, but largely due to tramadol. I took 2 at the start and honestly barely felt it. Kind of a cop out, but he had one day to do it and I didn't want to tap out.

  15. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with taking something beforehand. I have a sleeve and a leg sleeve and my backs covered and I’m tired of the pain lol

  16. Yeah I am now covered too. The pain gets old, so if it is a big piece or in a tough place I'll take something.

  17. I went to U of S 2011-2014 and have lived in 5 cities since. I moved back 3 months ago because of the constant hole I felt after I left. I was not sure why, but I uprooted my life (which was going just fine) to move back and start new at 28 (single & no kids). Since being back, it's the sense of community, lack of traffic, simplicity, skies/sunshine, food scene, but mostly the people. I can't feel my face outside, but rather than piss me off, I smile knowing I've gotten out of the cold and it didn't make me feel whole. This is home!

  18. Not on netflix but Deliver us from evil (doc) Mea maxima culpa

  19. I am excited for this. Exactly what I was looking for.

  20. Using different vibratory tools, tens units, SSEPs, etc can stimulate different receptors in the feet to create an array of afferentation to desired cortical regions. If unilateral, mirror therapy can aid in descending motor control of deficient side as long as motor function remains somewhat in tact in LE. I've read the paper, but MedLine access has expired so I am having trouble finding it.

  21. I am in Edmonton and currently in the same financial situation/same age as you. I have been seeking advice on this topic to get unbiased advice on the pros/cons of buying vs. renting right now. I would love some light shed on the pros/cons given the current global climate, interest rates, hot housing market, etc.

  22. Appreciate the long-winded response! Yup, seems like we're in a similar situation. We too are paying $2k rent in Toronto downtown for a nice place. The building is slightly older, so a lot more spacious. With working from home due to covid, we felt the need to move to a bigger place, especially with the rent drop last year in downtown and we must have seen over 20 condos in the area but 90% of the condos are new and small. They're stylish and swanky with a lot of amenities (most of which we'll not use once the novelty wears off) but with limited sized living room and bedrooms.

  23. Man, that was great. Thanks for that video. Cleared many things up. For me, saving myself the potential mental health issues of owning with added stress and anxiety if something were to go wrong, I think the renting way makes more sense. This video didn't shed any light on each person's financial situations and whether or not they were scraping by after paying their rent/mortgage. Let's say in 5 years we're each making $300k/yr, I see me having more cash available to invest with and potentially grow my net worth with rent not being looked at as an investment. I also like the flexibility of not being locked down somewhere, but ultimately: time will tell.

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