1. You picked the lowest paying engineering degree…

  2. Id argue actual env engineering js quite well paid (not crazy - but decent and steady) cause its so in demand. Env science is a different beast though altogether.

  3. Drake. Doesn’t write his own lyrics. Doesn’t produce his own beats. Sings in all auto tune. Raps about being a gangster and starting at the bottom but he was on a Canadian teen drama where he played a kid in a wheelchair so he got to sit on his ass all day. Talentless hack

  4. Not only was he on Degrassi he’s from Forest fucking Hill, one of the richest spots in Toronto

  5. Viel wurde hier ja auch bereits erklärt - weiter von alten Personen regiert werden, kleiner Bruchteil der Bevölkerung, etc - zusätzlich denk ich aber, dass frühe Wahlbeteiligung bereits im Schulalter später zu einer höheren Wahlbeteiligung allgemein führen könnte. 16-jährige sind meist keine Idioten, zumindest nicht mehr als der Durchschnittsbürger. Wenn man Politik mehr miteinander diskutiert und durchleuchtet kann das durchaus zu Positiven führen.

  6. From my understanding that is becoming the norm for artists in the age of singles (and used to be this way back in the 50s - an album was simply used to bundle and sell existing songs). Make it cohesive and as the other poster below stated, artistically fitting, and promote the hell out of it. I've seen up-and-coming artists release a 5-song EP with 3 previously released singles and only two new songs.

  7. Very niche but Johnny Stevens from Highly Suspect seems to genuinely hate any fan engagement on any platform whatsoever.

  8. Just listened to Lydia lol. But that's kinda random, I didn't know that.

  9. His IG is a literal dumpster fire of fan-hate whenever he posts a story and gets responses - keeps complaining about people responding to things like "I don't have the time stop messaging me" lol... like dude these are luxury problems. I loved their first two albums but the last two have been a bit of a letdown, so might as well bridge the gap by not being openly antagonistic to the fans that stayed. Also lots of complaining about people messaging him when the next tour is / locations etc. and then he openly posts that his mgmt screwed up the tour promotion and he's tired of answering things. I get all the engagement is tiring but it does come with the job, and openly calling out your team instead of changing it just seems sooo bitter.

  10. Help 😭 that‘s such a rich people thing to say. I have a friend that I love dearly, but when it comes to her financial privilege she is completely blind 😭 Her school was like 40k a year in the UK and switzerland and she is always like „oh but I totally only could go there, because of scholarships“ 💀 GIRL SCHOLARSHIPS ARE ONLY FOR RICH PEOPLE WTF

  11. Scholarships are really not only for rich people. I received a full ride to an independent school because of performance / grades and I was dirt poor. No need to discount other poor kids' achievements.

  12. Pls don‘t take everything literally.. If you look it up, you will see that scholarships mostly go to people who are already from families that are well off. Obviously not every single one of them. I didn‘t think that I would need to spell the obvious out.

  13. That's so wild to me. If it was free for everyone the costs of the USA military would be lower too

  14. Not necessarily because no one would join without the threat of no healthcare, no housing and no education.

  15. Even while that may be true, one parent trading 8-10 hours a day of time bonding/nurturing with their child for the prospect of future career implications isn't worth it IMO. This speaking from the current job at roughly break even with day care I mean.

  16. No offense but this is spoken like a man. So many stay-at-home moms (and I am sure there are dads too, but it's disproportionately women) get left high and dry with young children and a huge gap in your work history. It is NOT WORTH THE RISK just to bond with your child, which you can also do if you work. Let's also stop shaming working moms please, who decide that their children are not the only worthwhile part of their identity.

  17. Lmfao more than 80% of millennials will never have a pension. If you honestly think work is more important than your kids don't fucking have kids.

  18. Do you say that about men too? Misogynist alert.

  19. Is it though? It not just shit in one province under one goverment. It is shit all over the country in Left and right wing goverments. If not a single one can get it right what does that say?

  20. It's been systematically dismantled by Conservatives over decades. A party being in power now while in judicial gridlock doesn't say much.

  21. Depends a lot on your lifestyle choices and especially on how expensive your rent is. If you find a 450-550 CHF/month room, then you might be able to live a relatively frugal lifestyle and spend 1000-1200 CHF/month. However, if you live in the city of Zürich, rent might be 600-650+ CHF/month through WOKO (and probably even higher if you rent directly from a private owner) - I’d say it would be hard to stay under 1500 CHF/month if you have a room on the Hönggerberg campus (750 CHF+/month) for instance.

  22. Quick note - as a student, you can also have a signed confirmation of parental support instead of the confirmation of funds (not saying this has to happen, I got the signed form from my parents and then worked through college)

  23. I think this is only for people in EU. Know someone outside of the EU and they had to show they have 20k.

  24. Just let the kid be a kid. 10 isn‘t old for hanging on to a little bit of magic. Don‘t do what my dad did - scream in my face and act like I was too stupid to realize he wasn‘t real.

  25. College is where you go when you’re 16-18. High school finishes at 16 then it’s either 6th form or college.

  26. This is UK only, 6th form is not a thing anywhere else

  27. Ohhh I would love to see WHEN they will get sued, because they are. That’s totally illegal

  28. Its also unfortunately entirely standard practice in consulting and IB

  29. This is just patently false. Some people with ADHD cannot function without medication. It can be absolutely debilitating. Your experience is not everyone's experience.

  30. Killing their spouses. Raping women. Killing each other.

  31. No it applies to anyone enrolled at ETH on a B permit - but you can average it out over a few months usually.

  32. Why live in fear? We need more workers pushing back, not fewer. Ape together strong

  33. This is an incredibly dumb comment. People rely on their jobs to survive - why not push back and lose their job, you say? Oh, because food and rent don't matter?

  34. It's a giveaway if you go around calling people dumb a lot. Like, why does that insult come so easily to mind?

  35. If you actually had reading comprehension, you would see that I called your comment dumb.

  36. Since I did some exams in my country, I have solid basics in chemistry (org, anorg, biochemistry) and molecular biology. So, 4 hrs/day for work is the best option?

  37. Forgetting the most relevant point: if you are not swiss, you are legally not allowed to work more than 15 hours/week next to studies at eth.

  38. I don't have chemical damage but use the Olaplex shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment religiously. It fixed a lot of the same issues. Second was forcing myself to consistently only wash my hair every two days and deal with the second day using dry shampoo and only washing my bangs - that really made my scalp chill out. I also do a second shampoo rinse after conditioner because I noticed my hair is just super absorbent around my scalp, so the only way to get volume is to make sure all conditioner gets cleanly washed out.

  39. If mom‘s a cunt and making it all about her, I‘d say that‘s reason enough. Are you one of those people who get extra salty when people have lives and don‘t respond to you within a timeframe that you designate as acceptable?

  40. so she knows you’re depressed, tried to check up on you. you did not reply to her for two days, and you’re angry at her for being afraid you might have taken your own life just as (to quote you) your relationship with her had started getting better?

  41. You‘re deluded. The fact she blocked her after pulling this stunt is more than enough evidence that this was about control and entitlement. Someone having a mental low does not mean you fucking call the cops on them in any case.

  42. We don't have any complicated admission system like US top unis where every student has to write how disenfranchised he is and how much he would love the opportunity to study, has to be active in lots of extracurricular stuff, and has to write how much he loves diversity. Our students can be literally anyone with a Swiss matura, so it is not surprising that you get to know both the good and the bad parts of society. Just move on, it's a single person who didn't like you, it's not worth thinking about it that much.

  43. Disagree with the last part of your sentiment. Moving on and ignoring hatred, racism and bigotry gets people killed and silenced. Silencing victims is not the way to make progress as a society. We should ALL call it out. Yes, people can get into ETH quite easily, but all of ETH should be interested in taking a stand against ignorant people as a global university.

  44. And here it's a preference so the engineering or compsci is the core, and since it's an online platform I'm certain they don't need an engineer. It's a mess of an ad. You think it makes sense? Please explain.

  45. For a strategy manager, it absolutely makes sense for someone to have a background in the tech side but more business affinity. That makes up the backbone of most strategy people in tech. However, the 8 years of experience in MBB is a bit of an odd one - at that level, you're making partner.

  46. Do you have a degree from MIT, Caltech or Berkeley and 8 years with BCG Mckinsey or Bain in ecommerce?

  47. Lol not saying that people on this sub are a bit out of touch regarding tech undergrad followed by MBA in consulting, which is slowly becoming more of a norm than an exception - but at 8 years, you're making partner. Not many who would leave to work below a directors at that level.

  48. Theoretically yes. And I know a lot of people in this sub hate on consultants, but let me add some perspective to the conversation that is often overlooked.

  49. So you are applying for a Master? Your question is a bit difficult to understand.

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