1. I fail to see the analogy here. Japan attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor because they thought they could win a quick conventional war with the United States.

  2. His point is rational game theory and decisions can lead to seemingly irrational actions.

  3. As long as some of the human beings in the chain responsible for carrying out a ‘first strike’ are rational, nuclear war is always incredibly unlikely.

  4. Tbh rational people put this whole system together.

  5. The idea of a "quarantine" is interesting to me and aligns with my personal (less rigorous) thoughts about Chinas most probable actions.

  6. Excellent point that I've rarely seen. Air based launch platforms can see, hit and confirm target strikes in ways that icbms can't. When you have to be sure it's dead, as they say.

  7. Great to see that term used for someone above the age of 30. I think this house is actually owned by real baby boomers!

  8. Without the carrier there is no reason for succession, nothing useful to command.

  9. Any particular one though. Im new to treasuries and I see notes and t-bills and, FRN's and TIPS etc. Excuse my not being knowledge is a ladder of treasures something you buy in 3 separate transactions or is there one transaction to buy a ladder? I need to do some more research and thanks for that tip Twelve. I guess I can just google " a ladder of treasuries".

  10. Go for 4 week, 8 week, 26 week etc. Don't get FRNs or TIPs

  11. How do I setup the CD/tbill stuff to get 4 percent on fidelity?

  12. Fidelity has a 1 year 4% CD right now, you can just buy it. Not sure how treasuries wirk on the platform but treasurydirect works much better for me than my broker

  13. Totally agree! I didn't think I'd like it because I typically can't get into homebrews, but Matt's style and the team are pulling off a very "tight" show, which I didn't expect.

  14. Ironically, because it's grandpa joe saying it we retain strategic ambiguity.

  15. I watched some video a while ago that basically went through like 50 reasons why even if the entire world combined tried to invade the US it would at maximum land on US soil and then just be obliterated. I think this video went through all 49 reasons and then it was like “even if all the countries in the world overcame all 49 obstacles here, just 1 of these obstacles out of the 50 remaining would destroy the whole invasion force, rendering those 49 reasons irrelevant anyway.” I can’t remember which video. It was pretty legit. It was 15 min long and read it maybe summer 2019? Maybe Google “why a land invasion wouldn’t work on the US?” It had super high quality Infographics and was a reputable website, you just have to do some digging.

  16. Can't find it either but it sounds like "The Infographics Show" who does a lot of war stuff

  17. I remember a co-worker was happy she got whole life insurance. She's military so.... definitely didn't need it at the time.

  18. I have a term life insurance policy for $250,000, $404 a year.

  19. theoretically the additional 5k he's paying each year is going into some sort of guaranteed annuity right? ...right?

  20. Big promise from a company that makes their employees buy the cars.

  21. Seems a little cynical… war in Ukraine and global increases in oil prices seem like a valid reason to partially deploy the strategic oil reserve. Also the estimates are that the releases are reducing the price by about 30 cents so if it were to stop, it’s not like gas prices would rocket to 8 bucks a gallon or whatever.

  22. I don't think a million barrels per day makes that big of an impact on price.

  23. Gas demand is extremely inelastic, 5% of domestic production could have pretty large effects.

  24. It's still hilarious to me that much of our doctrine and analysis is unclass and available to all on the interwebs

  25. Must've given them 4 ham sandwiches for this one.

  26. Taking AD around St. Petersburg? They're practically inviting us in!

  27. Link to the clip? I can’t seem to find it


  29. No one shitposts on the Chinese like the Chinese

  30. I wouldn't even get accepted to my own engineering college I graduated from, if I applied today. Nor would I be in this house.

  31. Hot damn I want to find a women who cares about my engineering degree!

  32. Currently on west coast, this seems pretty pare for the course

  33. Assuming this is fake, but if it isn't, OP's family is probably going to be homeless in a few months.

  34. I mean he makes 100k/year they'll figure something out

  35. I don't know about Canada but it seems like "stop paying the mortgage" is their best bet. Live for free for a while as the eviction process start and save money for an actual place to live.

  36. Yes, how did the private lenders approved these loans to someone making only 100k? It's a sure sign the person will default. I mean his monthly net income is prolly less than a combined mortgage payment.

  37. TBH I'm assuming those lenders know OP's dad values his kneecaps enough to figure something out.

  38. I'm gonna say it: I don't mind gray LVP

  39. I do but I have deposits into 2 bank accounts, 401k contributions coming out, taxes (which I control directly) coming out. I can tune those numbers to be whatever I want it would all be meaningless.

  40. You mean to tell me there are other cities in Hawaii?

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