1. why are your cd tickets so expensive.. hmm now im anxious gotta check mine

  2. Espeon can be a good psychic attacker. also that max aromatisse, if only its cry wasnt so painfully sharp it would be my favorite pokemon

  3. im on 600 hes my favorite pokemon now. it looks like mewtwo's colors

  4. I’m surprised they have the same ranking. What are the IVs of each?

  5. used pokegenie. uh lets see 0/9/10 and 2/5/12, did a mirror match and the 2 atk wins and has a breakpoint with confusion by 2 but i dont expect to use it against another veno anyway. not sure about other matchups. only sha machamp/nido ans i just like venomoth as a pokemon

  6. They have nearly identical stat products. Stadium Gaming ranks the 0/9/10 higher (329) than the 2/5/12 (332). But it likely won’t matter that much.

  7. oh? alright then. thank you so much!

  8. the only good fossil there is cradily 😭😭😭😭

  9. whoa good thing i finished that set late then. got my first shundo this gbl day

  10. People are so dumb they don't even the name of Pokemon its mega shiny primape/s

  11. whatever it is it doesnt have cross chop as promised. TRANSFERRED!!

  12. featured move for primeape is cross chop but clearly this shiny mankey is bugged. it cant even evolve 💀

  13. 38 7km eggs. Not ONE Tyrunt. I have one more cooking and it better be one

  14. if youre cooking it i dont think itll hatch

  15. Yep same here! It's like the concepts of consideration are lost on these people. They're just greedy

  16. i can smell the team instinct stench. just move to damn dakota and take all the gyms there pardner

  17. Such is the price for sharing this world. and if youre not blue get out of my town, you wont get a full 50 coins when im around ya hear??

  18. Can you solo it? I have a shadow gardevoir and regular gardevoirs

  19. do not transfer him. i did, and i deeply regret it. we didnt know we had it easy 7 years ago 🥲

  20. Why not transfer it? Is there some unseen bonus to the first starter you catch?

  21. sentimental value. like my seaking i caught during the first day of pokemon go and i was the happiest guy in that park, finding out about its cool legacy moveset was just a bonus years later. i will never trade my seaking, you will have to kill me..

  22. How do these happen? Is it idle animation or fanart? They really amuse me lol

  23. death animation bug. next respawn you get stuck in your death pose. happened to my decidueye once, got clapped by blastoise sm i died respawning, laying there

  24. this meme feels like its from 2016. take me back mystery van

  25. theres a nidoran stabbing your ankle

  26. Not that common but not that rare. From times to times full evolved Pokémon use to spawn, I had a Blaziken near my home today, and caught many Charizard in the wild.

  27. boi that aint a pseuodlegendary mecha spider tho

  28. you go fest people had it easy, i fought thru 70+ mega steelix raids for a shiny steelix and note that was when mega raids were t5. t5 mega steelix was the og t6 raid from a casual standpoint

  29. Don’t you just love it when you crack him with a Cross Chop and berries come spilling out of his cheeks?

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