1. To not turn the car off and let it go up in flames is just rude.

  2. That’s not a kid. He’s a little old man, who just doesn’t believe in the constraints of our current understanding of time.

  3. Wait. He's not eating the meal? He's just letting it sit there while he defends it? Wtf kind of logic is this?

  4. does one tweet from prison?

  5. NYC has one of the largest counter terrorism units in the world.

  6. Legit question. Is it difficult to seal them? Does it ruin the luster or something?

  7. No, not difficult at all!! Highly recommend using the right wipe-on products, that's it. They used to be more expensive, but good stone countertop cleaners and polish and sealers have the right pH balance for stone. There's a metric ton of choices on the market depending on how you use your top, what top you chose, and how often you think you need to wipe down the top:

  8. Thanks!! Now I have go down a This Old House rabbit hole. 😂

  9. He didn't do it. It just seemed like he was the spokesperson.

  10. see if you can run it again, or better yet, run a cleaning cycle. If there are suds without adding any soap, then you are using too much.

  11. Put your work clothes out in the car the night before and gym clothes next to your bed. Therefor going to the gym and changing there is the path of least resistance.

  12. Everyone doesn’t do this? I have everything laid out days before I start packing lol

  13. I'm still washing laundry the night before and then spending all night preparing.

  14. Introduced in May 2022, Dave is the first black character in the strip's thirty-three year history.

  15. So, I'm white, but I always read the comics in black and white. And figured that race wasn't an issue in their verse, because well, they were just in black and white.

  16. Not out loud, I expected it to me a behind closed doors kinda thing.

  17. First I thought, “what a colossal pain for the owner.” Then I thought, “well it looks like maybe they own more land now.”

  18. yes, but not useable till it is filled in and leveled out. So I would assume that will be mush more expensive than what it is worth.

  19. If you think licking it is going to stop others from taking it, you obviously don't have brothers.

  20. Going through my totes of old clothes in the basement is my new favorite pastime too. 😊

  21. While I appreciate his desire to prosecute pharm executives, I don't really think this is the right way to do it.

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