1. T-th... Hmm... I am not too sure I can claim that The Twin Snakes is a undeniably better version of MGS1, actually.

  2. Wait that's where her powers came from? The part was confusing. It was revealed she actually had a device on her she never noticed before that deflected bullets, but then she does it without it. How did you come to that conclusion though?

  3. All of the toppings and cheese would have fallen off as soon as it was inverted, plus hows it stay together whole like that? If anything, a chunk would have gotten ripped off and the rest would have fallen. So terribly fake.

  4. Like bro it was an entire pizza not sliced. Of course it's fake

  5. Unless my lizard starts screaming at me he makes absolutely no indication he even has feelings. Just that smug smile all the time. Did he come back or did you find him? I've lost track of mine before and often find him an hour or two later when he tries to go back to his tank.

  6. Cartoon? Yeah that could be cool. No anime though, a main entry game can't be an anime game, that would scare off too many people. You would have another skyward sword with a large portion of the fan base alienated from it. I really like the cell shaded look though. Wind waker was a bit much, but a more cartoony style with less cartoony character designs would be great.

  7. Any fire emblem game. Three houses is a bit different, I loved it but I can see how others might not.

  8. I believe I even have it on ps3 that's where I wanted to play rising to begin with ^

  9. Buy a new copy of the legacy collection. On Amazon for $30. It's got every cannon game

  10. No. You and solid snake helped take down the AIs that ruled the world. They kept control with a constant war economy. Snake died of old age. That's all you need to know

  11. No the mossad had him killed. He was an Israeli asset. Pretty sure they used him to run a honey pot and ensnare rich and powerful people. Our government supports Israel way more than it should. Allowing them to assassinate American citizens on American soil? Oh yeah trump wouldnt bat an eye

  12. A recent Did You Know Gaming actually broke some news on how the system works and how hackers were only able to achieve the cutscene for any platforms by technically "cheating".

  13. For all the shit we talk about them, Konami making peace impossible is just the best description of how we feel about this company.

  14. With weed though? That was the case with real drugs but I never had a weed dealer take that dam long. I would just call a different guy, or a different different guy. Shit when I was hooked on dope I used to set up a meeting with three Dboys at the same time because I knew only one would show up.

  15. No it will not feel like the coke comedown at all. I don't think it even has a comedown but others disagree. It's mild. Nowhere near as bad as coke or MDMA. You will probably be up untill tomorrow night.

  16. Uh, no, that's not it at all. A couple hard truths you're gonna have to simply accept:

  17. Here's something these documentaries don't mention. Fentanyl is a lousy high. It is garbage, very little euphoria just an intense rush. It also doesn't last nearly as long, leaving you sick nearly twice as fast, so you have to dose more. Was a heroin addict for 10+ years and the reason I quit of because heroin hardly exists anymore, just shitty dangerous fentanyl. Yeah it was cheaper than heroin when heroin was still around, but it was absolutely never worth it. By that point in your addiction it's less about getting high and more about staying "well" (avoiding withdrawals). A shot of heroin will keep you well for 10-12 hours, fentanyl is like 6-8. You can get away with a single shot of heroin a day and having your rinse left for bed time (a rinse is the residue left in the spoon and cotton) but fentanyl you gotta dose twice a day. Addicts don't want this shit, its disappointing and dangerous.

  18. This just seems like a bad idea for the store owners. Yeah I get that it makes you feel better but this shit is insured. What if his employee got stabbed in the scuffle? This is the exact same reason people died in that case with that shitty kid who shot those protesters. When someone feels their life is in danger, especially if they are an immortal piece of shit, they aren't really worrying about the consequences anymore and will shoot to kill so to speak

  19. If I lived in Chicago and wanted to mug someone without the police around... I wonder where I could do that?

  20. In Chicago? Pretty much everywhere. You just gotta be white

  21. An opiate high to someone without experience with one will cause you to itch like crazy, especially your face. Placebo effect never duplicates that

  22. Are you going to pay konami to patch it? Or does patching it create a way for Konami to sell you microtransactions and nfts? If not then they aren't going to patch it. Your talking about the worst major company in all of gaming

  23. Yeah there's no benefit to soul trapping nazeem and throwing the soul gem into a hole in the ice in the ocean. But you have to do it

  24. There is absolutely nothing good about the palm oil industry.

  25. Why is the monkey in fucking jail? Bullshit that's a fuckin zoo, there's a god dam toilet in the cell. That's a jail

  26. When the gills open and the spores are released the mushrooms no longer produce any psilocybin. This is when you want to pick them.

  27. For real? No I'm not a sexual predator, that's just how Italians are. did he try and claim racism?

  28. If you assume the line weighs 50mg, the kinetic energy of this line at 1% speed of light is equal to approx 2.25 kilotons of TNT. Do with that what you will lmao

  29. That's like a billion times the energy of a bullet, all concentrated in basically a grain of sand.

  30. Your lungs would rip away from your chest if you could inhale that fast. That's a massive amount of negative pressure, and since the only thing moving the air into your lungs is the atmospheric pressure I think you would be limited to about 767 mph, the speed of sound at sea level. You can blow air out at much higher speeds since that's based on positive pressure inside your lungs, but inhaling is limited. If you could inhale that fast it would shoot through your skull and kill you. F=Ma, traveling near light speed in space is instantly lethal because space isn't empty, there are random hydrogen atoms out there and hitting them with that much speed will irradiate you to death in under a second. Cool question though

  31. That was before vaping I presume? Because nowadays kids just vape nicotine or weed in the bathrooms cause it’s so easy. Hell sometimes they’ll just do it in the back of the classroom.

  32. Yeah I graduated in 2007. Vapes are very easy to conceal. Hell I snuck a few disposables into the jail and we were able to do it without them noticing.

  33. Yeah. Don't know how mods effect it but my PC even says at the top it isn't powerful enough for VR but Skyrim still works perfectly. Although it does have some issues. If I press the right menu button while playing Skyrim the entire system crashes

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