1. Second Hippo Campus, one of my top favorite bands

  2. A cup of ice… that eventually melts into water

  3. Check your bladder if that's what he put air in probably going bad or a leak in the bag inside tank.

  4. Do you have water filters between the well and the rest of the house? Our water pressure drops when they need changing.

  5. We do, I’ll change out the filter to see if this helps at all, thanks!

  6. putting ride or die dead last is certainly a bold take

  7. I’ll be devils advocate… I agree with it being last

  8. It’s just not my favorite. I don’t hate it but I’d put it last in my ranking. For some reason I just don’t fully vibe with it

  9. Asking in innocence, why would OP have to wait a few years? What’s wrong with selling now?

  10. Selling shortly after buying a home often results in a financial loss due to fees that you accrue when buying/ selling a home.

  11. Would the op not have those same fees regardless of whether they sell tomorrow or in 5 years time?

  12. The difference between selling now and in 5 years is the equity they build in the home. Theoretically their home should be worth more than what they purchased it for in 5 years, meaning the additional value of the home would cover those expenses, and hopefully also allow them to walk away with a bit of a profit. (This is theoretically, because it’s all dependent on the housing market and it is possible that the home isn’t worth more than when they bought in 5 years). Selling now when the home is most likely not worth anymore or just slightly more most likely won’t cover the fees, and could result in them actually losing money. For example if they bought the home for 200,000 and currently have let’s say 20,000 if it paid off, and they sell it, the money they earned in the sale would go to pay off the remaining loan on the home (which also has interest so It would be more than the just the 180,000) and then they’d get what is left (which could be less than their original 20,000 they’ve paid into the house). Also if they have a realtor sell the home, the realtor takes a share of the profit you make (usually like 2.4-3%) which lessons the amount of money you get back even more.

  13. Those are the exact kind of phone numbers that won't work. Many sites with verification have been going on a block spree lately with many prepaid numbers and nearly all voip numbers, which would be the category text now is in.

  14. Also I just looked, it looks like you can sign up for Facebook with just an email, no phone number. Making a gmail is free and will definitely be accepted.

  15. FB will flag the account not too long after registration and then ask you to add your phone number, I've tried in the past to make a FB (or even a twitter account) many times and have failed to have a standing active account. You'll get a similar message for each about the phone number either not being considered a valid entry or "not accepted."

  16. I’d still make the account, even if it only works for a day, you could still try and see if you can locate something in marketplace or in a buy nothing group. Better than not trying at all.

  17. You can but do realize this could back fire. You have to be willing to except the other offer because your company could come back and tell you they do not wish to negotiate. This also tells them you're looking for other jobs which could also make them feel like you wont be sticking around regardless. If you still want to try, you can reach out to your manager and ask them for a meeting. Then in the meeting explain you've been offered X Amount above what you make but you like working here and would like to see if negations are possible to keep you. The only leverage another job offer gives you, is that if you don't get what you want you'll leave. If you're not actually willing to leave you should tread carefully.

  18. It’s a knock off… but if you don’t care about authenticity, go ahead and buy it… there’s some on redbubble too

  19. You escrow for insurance and taxes, and it's part of your payment every month. Then your mortgage lender pays your insurance and taxes for you. If your real estate taxes go up, the the mortgage company needs to escrow more to make sure they have enough to pay what you owe in the upcoming year.

  20. Jumping onto this to mention that often times mortgage companies will give you the option to do one upfront payment to cover the gap in your escrow account or you can have your monthly payment increased. If you’d prefer to do a one time payment, I’d reach out to your mortgage company. This occurred for us last year (and I suspect this year as taxes are only going up) and we opted to pay the difference in a one time payment.

  21. I was thinking & then remembered, your neighbors can see your wifi name. If it's been around long enough, it might make them giggle. But my phone shows me close by wifis & if there locked or not.

  22. The house that’s next to us just became an Airbnb, and I love the thought of each guest going to connect to the WiFi, and seeing our Wi-Fi name with no context as to what it means

  23. LOL, I’m so sad y’all have to eradicate Annie’s Boobs, had me cackling. I’m a big fan of Shut Up Glenn, Legit Snack, Janet’s Void, and Nightmare George Washington. That’s A Wrap On Vicky, All Knowing Burrito, Mindy St Clair Rescue Alliance, Trent Torture Master, and Kars 4 Kidz also suffice.

  24. I know… honestly my favorite part about it is the house next door to ours was recently turned into an Airbnb and I love the thought of every guest going to connect to the WiFi and seeing our wifi name with no context 😂

  25. Command hooks. You won't be able to slide your curtain, just hook and then unhook to get in and out.

  26. This is the way! I lived in an apartment with a very similar shower to set up to this on and this what we had to do.

  27. If she wasn’t interested in you then she wouldn’t want to go on another date. So she probably is still interested. It could be that she’s busy. Or that during your 7-8 hours together you talked about a lot of stuff and she’s struggling with what to say/ ask you to continue the conversation. I’d go in the second date. And while on it feel out how everything is going. If she seems disinterested in the second date (or doesn’t show) that’s when I’d stop continuing to try

  28. They change his character a lot. For example, in the beginning of the series he is just gross, mean and not a good person, but the writers did a good job of making him more likable through out the series. In a way where you can almost forget the way he was in the beginning. They also show him in a lot of situations that pull on audiences heart strings and make you feel bad for him, which can sometimes make the audience want to excuse his bad actions. For example, the fact that his father treats him like garage and ignores him, despite chucks attempts to get his attention/ for him to like him.

  29. They don’t have a set cycle of music type so the next album could be anything. Their sound has changed a lot, I doubt the next album will sound like NV. As to who is involved with the album, it’s too early to know, they haven’t stated anything yet.if I had to guess, I’d say no only because they seem to like to try out different sounds and get guidance from different people. But I could be wrong.

  30. I believe he left to focus on his own band (dreamers, in case you were wondering). He toured with them for a while.

  31. This is a great example of correlation does not equal causation.

  32. I think nick would have a difficult time getting his new child out of gilead when his wife is the child of a powerful commander, and doesn’t wish to leave. So he probably feels it’s better to raise the child in gilead then just not be there for it at all. Also, I don’t really believe Nick wants to leave gilead at this moment. I don’t think he agrees with gilead/ what gilead does but I think he holds hope that Lawrence will correct it as he plans to. Also as of right now, nick is doing well in gilead. Which further pushes my thought that he doesn’t actually want to leave. He has power. If he went to Canada he’d just be the lame jobless nobody he was pre-gilead.

  33. We get 3 weeks paid annually (meaning we get the entire 3 weeks upfront we don’t have to accrue them throughout the year). At 5 years it increases to 4 weeks, at 10 year to 5 weeks, 15 years to 6 weeks, etc. I feel pretty lucky, because we are also encouraged to take our time off (they literally require you to take at least 2 weeks off once you reach the point of getting 4 or more weeks). And they do not push back at all when you request time off. It’s basically a yes unless there’s some special circumstance

  34. I work in customer service and honestly have no idea how I haven’t gotten it. I did get vaccinated and when a mask (when mandated) but other than that, I kind of just thought I’d get it eventually. Still haven’t. Have no idea how. Interesting enough, my dad got it on a trip with my mom, (my mom being in close quarters with him the whole time) and she also never got it even though she was very much exposed.. maybe the women in my family just have really good immune systems?

  35. Do you live in the US? If you do, your employer is required by law to provide reasonable accommodations for you. This means if you work a job that could easily allow you to sit for some of the day, they have to allow you, or you could say they were discriminating against a protected class (disabled people). An example of this would be if you are a cashier, they should be able to accommodate you sitting instead of standing at the register. This however is a reasonable accommodation, so if you work a job where it’s not reasonable (let’s say construction where your job is to be on your feet and build all day) they don’t have to provide it for you because they could argue that you cannot complete the required job tasks if you are sitting. I would recommend finding a job that either lets you sit, or a job that could reasonably provide the accommodation of you sitting for at least part of the day.

  36. My employer has a program like this. The company that runs the program (a 3rd patty not my employer) is the only people who get all the health/ medical information, my employer just gets statistics. The goal is definitely just to get employees healthier, which in turn reduces medical benefits costs. I don’t really see a problem with it. They also offer a lot of incentives for very minimal work. It’s worth participating in the one my employer offers because most of the stuff you get points for is just normal self care/ wellness, and participating gets you additional employer contributions towards health benefits + money at the end of the year

  37. Tbh this has always confused me. They are a massively successful band yet like every person I meet hates them/ thinks they are terrible. It’s a real bummer because 99% of the time if I tell someone I like imagine dragons, or that they are my favorite band, I’m met with immediate negative feedback about how they suck/ are terrible/ over played, etc. Are like 90% of the people who like their music closeted fans? I don’t necessarily hide that I like them, but have unfortunately gotten to the point where I don’t actively tell people either because I hate getting the instant put down that they suck, which happens literally every time.

  38. Ya idk how everyone hates them when at the same time they have like 50M+ monthly listeners like huh 💀

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