1. Worst change in a show, either from West end to Broadway, or previews to opening.

  2. Groff won’t be on Broadway until next season unfortunately :(

  3. My crushes didn’t make the list: Andy Karl, Zachery Levi, and Josh Groban

  4. Groban did pretty well, with 5 votes, tied with John Gallagher Jr. Andy Karl got 2, and Zachary Levi got 1!

  5. That is like one of my favorite songs from Hamilton, is that song not well liked in general????

  6. I’ve heard lots of people saying they hate how LMM sings it, others have said they didn’t like the song until they heard it performed by someone else!

  7. I’m going to Sweeney Todd next week blind. It is the only Sondheim show I’ve never seen any version of. I am aware of the premise and most characters but still don’t know who lives/dies, how it ends, etc.

  8. That sounds exciting!! Do you not know the songs either then? I’d love to hear what you think about it afterwards!

  9. I know someone who didn’t know what to expect from Hadestown and didn’t like it. They say it’s not because of the ending or the fact that they didn’t know it.

  10. I was originally going to make this post about just Parade, but I extended it to any and all shows.

  11. Faves: Valley of the Dolls, Living Dead, Buy the Stars, and Bubblegum Bitch is a killer opener!

  12. Oh dear, my writing essays for fun skills have never been great. I do like putting statistics together though! If anyone is interested in seeing some things like that, I’d love to!

  13. I wonder if it would be a not-half-bad idea to have a master post on stage dooring, so that people can know which actors regularly come out, which shows tend to stage door on two show day matinees, etc. although it would have to be updated pretty frequently.

  14. Every time I see someone post a last minute ticket sale/giveaway, I wish I lived just a little bit closer to the city! I’m lucky to be pretty close though, I’m in my seat right now waiting for Parade to start!

  15. Margaret Johnson from Light in the Piazza, what an incredibly well written character! I guess nothing is stopping me from writing one.

  16. Do we have one on the space race? I’m sure there has to be a musical about the space race out there but if not…

  17. Reading the title I was like “hmmm I don’t hear it” but then I sang those lyrics to myself, and I get it! That’s a good catch!

  18. Oh dear, I remember when that 2020 West side story revival happened and in an ad it said the show is “not what it seems”, as told by critics. I just remember comments saying stuff like “I don’t think they meant that in a good way” 😭

  19. Ali Striker’s win was controversial? Her performance so good on the Tony’s, she seemed deserving to me

  20. Might just be poor wording on my part, I remember a lot people saying they wanted Amber Gray to win, so really just your usual post award show discussion stuff!

  21. I just wanted to pop in and say I wasn’t able to come up with anything for these posts, but I do hope you make more in the future, they were fun to read!

  22. Ok, I’ll do it again! but you get to pick the next word

  23. Hamilton (particularly the song Satisfied): WHY is the lyric “now that’s his bride”?? Something about that has always felt so weird to me!

  24. Jason from falsettos, Adam and Barbara from Beetlejuice, paulette from legally blonde, tobi from Sweeney Todd and literally any Bernadette Peters role

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