[Post Game Thread] The Golden State Warriors (19-3) defeat the Phoenix Suns (19-4), 118 - 96

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  1. horrible night. we could have made a mansion out of all the bricks we shot. hope we bounce back strong tomorrow!

  2. Same, now I have to forcefully put it in full screen. Wtf did they do 😭

  3. same here. have to forcefully put it on full screen and now i cant claim log in rewards

  4. i hate the odds of completing LEs in this game compared to other superstar games. I've spent 2k+ dias and im still missing luda. this is ridiculous

  5. Ahh sad bruh purchased 3 590 dias R package and still missing Soobin glad that she shows up in the point reward now all my cards is in R grade

  6. I have like 6 yeorum cards and she still showed up in my point reward. This happened to me during the mind u le too! I'm so frustrated since it's so hard to collect dias in this game yet they still make it hard for f2p players to complete a 4-card LE

  7. can't open the game after the update :<

  8. 9mho says:

    me neither it keeps crashing and exiting

  9. im stuck in the loading screen and can't enter the game. hope they fix this asap

  10. The Warriors beat the Jazz AND the refs tonight, great win! Still puzzled about that Iggy technical

  11. yeah the announcers are annoying as hell! im not even a fan of their team but i can tell who's who. that's just outright disrespect to the warriors for not calling their names properly.

  12. yeah but in their defense, OPJ is indistinguishable from Chamberlain

  13. i wouldn't even be mad when they call him wilt tho


  15. to add, just make sure you have more than enough dias to complete a set. if u have less, don't even try and just save your dias.

  16. i guess im lucky enough since i only spent 1770 dias to complete this. bought 3ncp to acquire the bg too!! good luck to everyone!!

  17. they're finally doing the my info renewal just like in ssm!! i can now flex my non r99 twice le themes jk

  18. congrats!! that's such a hard thing to accomplish since it's your first r99 group and u did it in only 6 months!!

  19. guess i won't be seeing my relatives this holiday season

  20. gp2 was consistently left open behind the arc last game against phx. tonight, he knocked down those threes. the dude's been working hard!

  21. let's give it to gp2 for working on those threes. fave moment of the game is him giving the "too small" gesture to payne. hilarious

  22. Poole is 22 years old. He was hot, and the ONLY guy who had it going offensively on our entire team tonight, Kerr plays him less then a 40 year old point guard. Terrible coaching. Someone has to ask him why he continues to do this.

  23. boy you do know this is just a regular season game? look at cp3 during playoffs hahaha always hindered by injuries because of long playing time during reg season

  24. yes but the plays involving him usually becomes a turnover. i hope they can adjust quickly

  25. we shoulda kept the bench playing till the buzzer sounds. steph and dray played like shit

  26. ok here's your veteran fan medal 🏅 lol screw that everybody should be welcome in here

  27. usually 40 mins to 1hr but when there's an LE event purchasable by rp i usually extend to 2-3hrs.

  28. the border looks neat but the pictures used is just meh. i think i will just skip this one


  30. all this thanks to JTA! he played this game so well!

  31. I think we're getting the signed album all mission clear reward next twice normal theme update. they want us to spend diamonds so bad 😣

  32. the border is simple and meh tho the photos used are definitely my type!!! will probably complete the missions because i love the bg (i only have the feels bg >.<)

  33. i swear warriors defense is elite. and steph's bounce back games are so fun to watch

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