1. Is it just me or does Limp Bizkit seem weird as a closing Headliner?

  2. They don't want the crowd to internalize "Break Stuff" over the course of the festival lol.

  3. That was the original title of Artificial Suicide. For some reason Spotify had switched it randomly

  4. It's not the original title of the song. It is a Spotify glitch. The band addressed it previously. The song Arithmophobia belongs to Animals As Leaders but for some reason Spotify changes the name of Artificial Suicide to Arithmophobia.

  5. It’s PIE, Add azealic acid. BHA(salicylic acid)+azealic acid is a good combination, But start slowly. I tried the Hyaluronic acid from the ordinary, and it’s pretty drying. Maybe try another cream that it’s more lightweight (I don’t know if u care but I heard this cream broke out a lot of people)

  6. I’ve kinda put my own meanings to some of the songs but one that really stuck out to me was “The Worst In Me” or “Crawl” I became a fan shortly after I had my son back in April 2021. I struggled a lot with Postpartum Rage and Postpartum Anxiety, and it was those songs that really helped me get through a rough patch in my life. He’s almost 2 now and I’m doing much much better thankfully, but I still love to listen to those songs.

  7. I found them during my postpartum days as well. Their music was like medicine to my sleep deprived, rage and anxiety fueled body. I'm in a much better place now. But Dethrone is still my go to for a cathartic release.

  8. This is not medical advice and I'm not a doctor, but I wanted to mention daith piercings. I don't know if there is scientific evidence but some folks report daith piercings stopping their migraines. If you were interested in checking this option out, please only do so at an APP piercer.

  9. Heavily dependent on your major. You can get pretty well paying coops in stem/engineering.

  10. Your comment on Money being a huge driving factor in medical care is absolutely correct, however you SHOULD be concerned for Idaho. Because just following economics of the issue, hiring and keeping talent in certain areas such as obgyn in this case is going to become cost prohibitive to hospitals not even factoring in the liability and medmal insurance costs. Talent will want more salary to move to where supply is restricted. And hospitals will decide the cost is not worth the return based on patient population. The hospital in question closed the obgyn dept after all the doctors left and they couldn't backfill. The doctor interviewed was the last one to leave not the only one. So your theory that others will fill open positions is simply not correct. There already is a doctor shortage nationwide. It won't be possible to fill positions in undesirable work locations.

  11. i hope not. nothing against mudvayne just don't want the same headliner two years in a row.

  12. Hospitals are going to drop all maternal care. To risky.

  13. Just happened in a rural Idaho town. They reap what they sow.

  14. This one would be one of the "very late term" abortions that they constantly yell about too. But in her case "it should be legal" according to her. I'm sorry but I can't feel any sympathy for this woman. I only feel terrible for the baby that will be living a very short painful life and the doctors/nurses that will care for the baby knowing it's all futile.

  15. Ikiki squeaky shoes are very roomy and when your kid gets a little older, they're super easy for kids to get on and off. The squeaker has an on/off switch.

  16. seconding this. my toddler has chunky feet and nothing from target/carters fit. We have been buying Ikiki since he can walk and love them. They are also certified for proper feet development. Forgot the certification name.

  17. Thats just crazy what he said over a video game , did you report his msg to Blizzard , just asking

  18. Someone told me they hoped I'd get raped after a ranked game. This has never happened in any other game i play. Hearthstone players are something else.

  19. The drug literally comes with a giant "May Cause Thyroid Cancer" warning. People go keto long term to cut use of other lifetime drugs, treat pre-diabetes, lower bp. I don't get the enthusiasm to inject something if you don't have to for the rest of your life. Especially a drug that is inherently working out of sync with proper keto. Lowering fat intake and increase meals/add snacks is what causes blood sugar highs and lows and causes cravings in the first place. There can of course be a psychological aspect to food cravings but that is a separate issue that needs to be addressed through therapy, otherwise you'd only be treating the symptoms.

  20. Ok I'm not a doctor so just trying to learn and understand here - doesn't semaglutide work by your body forcing insulin production so glucose in your blood is reduced ( stored in your body)? By that thought, how is it supposed to aid keto- keto by process is supposed to change you from sugar metabolism to fat metabolism and make you use stored or consumed fat for energy. Basically the opposite of what semaglutide would do. If you are under 20g of carb what is semaglutide doing? There shouldn't be an abundance of glucose to store and you shouldn't be getting high glucose issues in blood ( unless you are diabetic and i missed that). The glucose spikes and dips trigger the hungry feeling and non diabetic folks using semaglutide lose weight partly because they don't feel hungry anymore - which people achieve with proper keto without the aid of another drug.

  21. Literally no explanation for what this nonsense is supposed to mean in the article.

  22. Reading comprehension is not your strongsuit

  23. This is how Republican leadership works. Meanwhile in Minnesota they just guaranteed school lunch for every single child.

  24. And there was a Republican who actually opposed this legislation. Right on brand.

  25. I am a little confused. As a F-1 visa holder I can have only 12 month of CPT. Am I even allowed to take 3 coops?

  26. Yes you are. But if you want to do opt later that reduces your time available for that. Also keep in mind if you don't live in dorms all five years, which you likely won't, your living costs will be cheaper than what Drexel suggests

  27. opt is 3 years for stem students. It means that I will have 1.5 year OPT? Thank you for answer!

  28. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines all the way! Especially the Malkavian race if you want additional fun Easter eggs!

  29. He'll just switch to grifting off of Desantis. This whole situation feels like GOP is done with Trump and now trying to remove a roadblock. Pretty much every trump backed candidate failed in the midterms and he won't back down or go quietly. I can't believe I'm saying this but I think it would be better if he was roaming free campaigning and dividing the republican votes so desantis wouldn't be the final candidate.

  30. If you can’t find any dupes, what effects are you looking for in a new serum? We may be able to recommend you something new to try.

  31. Honestly it was a great primer although that's not what it was advertised as. It absorbed into skin quickly, definitely reduced pore appearance and made make up apply easily (anything would glide and blend on it well without patchiness pilling or being sticky). Looking for that effect. I notice with a lot of primers in the market with similar glide, that they feel greasy oily and don't dry down letting the makeup slip throughout the day. Other type of primers ( don't know how to explain- non glidy?) They don't achieve what I'm looking for. Also the pore minimizing effect was best out of everything I used.

  32. So excited for this. Hope they play Murder Mitten!

  33. I’ve been absolutely terrified of it ever since I saw the horror movie The Dentist as a kid. It directly led to the panic attack I had decades later, when I was in the hospital and saw an air bubble traveling down my IV.

  34. Same, i asked my nurse if it was ok to have air bubbles traveling down my IV. I wonder how often she gets that question.

  35. Pretty sure they changed venues to one that can support everything and they learned lessons after that shitshow. I'm local-ish and a bunch of friends/co-workers went in '22 and I didn't hear any horror stories.

  36. I went last year and it was a total blast.

  37. What was the point of the 30 min phials if all the dungeons are 30+ minutes.

  38. Add one thing at a time (so introduce one new product then wait a few weeks before adding anything else) because if something doesn't agree with your skin or makes you break out, you'll know which product was the issue.

  39. i'm in a bit of a pickle since I just got prescribed tret. omg, my skin is so dry and tight and I need to do something about it fast. But yeah I'm worried about adding too many too quickly.

  40. Yes I do have a basic routine cleanser> winlevi>tret>moisturizer I just added laneige water sleeping mask after the moisturizer at night ( practically right before going to bed) and want to also add cosrx snail mucin serum before moisturizer Edit: i used the water sleeping mask before and it didn't cause any issues but I have an active breakout right now and my skin seems to be more sensitive in general.

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