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  1. I never call people crazy but for example when I'm late replying to someone's messages, my instinct is to say "sorry, it's been a crazy week" or "sorry, it's been mad this afternoon" and I'm never sure if those uses have kind of sufficiently disconnected from the meaning to be okay, or if I should avoid them and just say it was hectic or something.

  2. It's weird to think bread has salt in because it's not something you'd really say tastes of anything in itself. But I imagine you'd notice if it wasn't there. Now I want to try some salt-less bread!

  3. Your question should really be how reliable are British roads, and the answer is not great: it's common to hit a traffic jam or two, especially on a long journey. Run up behind a bad crash and you could lose an hour or more. However leaving at 2AM should help you.

  4. Honestly I have no idea as I’m not an economic expert but I know it’s not as simple as tax the rich and give it to the poor. Whilst trickle down is a Tory fantasy, high net worth individuals and businesses can afford to live anywhere, and if you tax them heavily, they’ll leave the country taking their money with them. If you tax them moderately, they’ll stay and contribute, set up businesses, create jobs etc. There is a place for stimulating investment at the top. But it needs to be combined with help at the bottom, because those people can’t afford to wait for the trickle down.

  5. The four home nations are countries, but the UK is our sovereign state.

  6. Digestive transit takes 6-10 hours in dogs depending on size so if she cleared out her system at 3am, you should see poop around 6-10 hours after she next ate.

  7. This is why I’ve started buying frozen pre-chopped garlic. I don’t care what the recipe calls for, I will be tossing in a whole load of garlic haha

  8. I just get laundry powder which comes in a big cardboard box, no plastic involved, cheap and I can pick it up at the supermarket. Smells nicer and lasts longer too than capsules.

  9. That’s like saying if the price of bananas skyrockets, the price of apples should stay the same, because why should people who don’t even eat bananas be punished?

  10. My American ex said it's common practice for them, and luckily now you just send an e-mail as back in the days it involved sending papers and it might costly.

  11. I’m a recruiter and can confirm British people rarely do this. When they do, it’s usually because feel they forgot to mention something key in the interview and want to highlight it, usually quite apologetically.

  12. Train your dog to follow your commands.

  13. How would you train a dog to stay calm in a fire exactly?

  14. Do you have a line manager? Best advice is to keep them informed of everything.

  15. Yeah and my manager has the same struggles and basically says as long as we can evidence that we reached out and they didn’t respond, the ball is in their court. So I’m not really worried from a performance perspective, just from the perspective of… more time is spent on chasing them than on delivering the actual service for them and it’s a bit exhausting

  16. Could be, but I never had these issues when I worked with middle managers, we always concluded our business efficiently and they’d say how helpful I had been etc. So I’m scratching my head if that’s changed

  17. There’s something called a public health funeral that would be arranged if a person’s relatives can’t be located or aren’t willing to make funeral arrangements for them.

  18. I don’t think it has to be a competition or that people can’t say they’ve got it hard because someone else has it harder.

  19. Many people work long past the age they could afford to stop because they love what they do.

  20. That’s what OP is saying though. Those people don’t need to do it anymore, and maybe that’s why they love it, because it’s now a choice.

  21. You’re doing the right thing, take a test to put your mind at ease. This happened to me once and I think the stress had actually delayed my period. There is a chance you are pregnant, but also remember that many women deliberately try to get pregnant for months and don’t manage it, so it’s not as easy as all that.

  22. I think there’s two separate issues here:

  23. As if a chancellor can start literally axing whole rates of tax without the PM's approval. Nooobody believes you Liz

  24. Hey I have that bag. Got it in John Lewis about 20 years ago. They do hold up well!

  25. Definitely on airport services and other suitcase heavy services like the weekend getaway. Seems a health and safety issue having suitcases blocking aisles and doorways. Plus as you say, accessibility.

  26. I’ve watched it and the play is entertaining once you understand what’s going on but all the breaks in play kill me. So much of the game spent… not playing the game.

  27. A lot of Brits like package holidays, that is one price and you get your flight, hotel, transfers, everything taken care of. And it’s generally much cheaper than booking all the separate elements yourself because the holiday companies also charter their own flights purely to take people on their package holidays. Vegas and Orlando are the main package holiday destinations in the US for Brits.

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