1. Femboy trans men injecting real testosterone for attention 😤

  2. Is there a title for people that specifically target terf ideology? It comes off as misogynistic but it’s pretty true, transfems are the only women with enough balls to make any real change.

  3. noooooooooo you can't just DIY you're supposed to wait 20 years to transition because because i said so

  4. Well duh, men can't have plushies, that's a women only thing

  5. It's like a blue whale, I think. Its mouth is a zippable pocket and it's the same size as a blahaj, so maybe it's as soft too


  7. Dunno but can this hurricane get hate crimed already I want to go back home

  8. No that's not real everyone AMAB is a horn dog. Trans girls only have two moods horny and tired LMFAO

  9. Don't tell him about how micropenis affects bottom surgery. Let him continue believing he has the option.

  10. You're not feminine enough but we won't give you hormones to feminize your body because you're not feminine enough.

  11. I wonder if siding with the villain will cause people to reconsider their beliefs haha

  12. Also TERFs: gender isn't real and sex is immutable but if I was part of the younger generation I would transition and happily my live as a man

  13. HEY TRANSPHOBE! Trans people aren't stupid, they know there's no changing their biological sex. A trans woman is biologically Male and it's perfectly acceptable to define their body as a Male one.

  14. of course, what makes a femboy isn't the femininity or being a boy

  15. you should be thankful for your 0.5mg estradiol and 0mg spiro that you take once per month (without progesterone because thats an extremely scary hormone that makes even endocrinologists shutter at the thought...)

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