1. If you’re someone with a uterus, perhaps look into endometriosis? It can be incredibly disruptive and painful. Hope you find relief soon!

  2. Unfortunately it can’t really be detected or diagnosed via ultrasound, a laparoscopy is the best way to assess and treat. Obviously that’s a drastic/possibly cost prohibitive method at this point but perhaps something worth talking to a dr about.

  3. You can find them by looking for replacement grille parts, and yours doesn’t look broken, mine looked the same. All the replacement parts I’ve found are JP built and don’t fit exact in my UK built gen 2, so if that’s the case, just pry off the tabs on the replacement and JB weld it on. Kind of annoying but mine has lasted fine with that method.

  4. They look great! Some filing along the bottoms to make them slightly less square would be my only suggestion, but as is they look really nice!

  5. I like to add in a gel moisturizer between my toner and regular moisturizer. Also add in some HA, my favorite being the Isntree HA serum, but love that whole line.

  6. KC Davis has a book and podcast that you might enjoy. She really focuses on being kind t yourself and building systems that help you function, rather than trying to force yourself to do tasks the way society says you're "supposed to."

  7. My go to cleanser for years has been the Burts Bees oil cleanser which removes my sunscreen and mascara no problem and never leaves me too dry. I've tried a few oil cleansers and it's the only one that hasn't stung my eyes. I started tret a few weeks ago and if I'm especially peel-y I'll use Ponds cold cream + a konjac sponge.

  8. I love the app You Need a Budget. It can have a bit of a learning curve and I use it a little more manually than you can but it helps exponentially in helping us save, and buy little indulgences here or there. Budgeting is a special interest of mine so I love how nitty gritty I can get with seeing every penny I have allocated to a specific fund.

  9. Avene is a great brand for sensitive and gentle moisturizing. I'm use and love their Cicafate+ moisturizer as I adjust to tret, and they have some eczema focused products, as well. The La Roche Posay Cicaplast Balm B5 is also another heavy duty fan favorite for moisture and barrier repair.

  10. I've used about half a tube and honestly didn't see much effect. That said, it's a lovely cream, not too heavy, not too much fragrance, works under sunscreen and make up. I'll probably continue to use it but it's not made a noticeable difference for me, but of course YMMV.

  11. Plain boring cereals are how I learned I have a big fructan intolerance to molasses. I usually do fine with rice chex eaten dry (which I get is not what you’re looking for, totally fair) but just adding in case some you try don’t work.

  12. Right? I feel like maybe she’s keen enough to try and hide them behind her so the warping isn’t as obvious?

  13. When I think of the word “meltdown”, I think of a power plant that had a critical system fail, which then puts pressure on another critical system, which creates a cascade of failure. Meanwhile, the staff are running around trying to flip enough switches to stop it, but the negative feedback loop is often too strong. And that’s exactly what a meltdown feels like to me.

  14. Same here!! For years I was confused why my "panic attacks" never seems to match up with the traditional definition, but once I got my autism diagnosis it clicked and I had a big "ooooo, these are meltdowns!!" eureka moment. Everything just starts to unravel and spill over, I like the critical system failure metaphor!

  15. Ooo I'd love to see a Mustang set on the other hand - badass flames!

  16. You have an overwhelming number of extreme and traumatic stressors you have no control over, and you're doing a wildly impressive job of finding and implementing healthy coping skills. You're doing great. But yeah, there's only so much one person can do in the face of the tsunami of really hard things you've been going through.

  17. Haha yes! My husband says he can see my brain glitch and reboot when it happens, which feels pretty accurate!

  18. I recommend reading up on attachment styles. I have an anxious style which means i always want more with lots of frequency. I cannot be casual about someone I like. I also recognized the pattern that the man I was dating was an anxious avoidant the. Knowing my own patterns and working on self soothing and not taking it personal and seeing how our styles interacted was SO helpful. The relationship is now very successful.

  19. Came here to post this! I am anxious but in therapy to hopefully move closer to normal and my partner is anxious avoidant. We have the same fears but handle them in different ways it can be a push and pull sometimes but we had to do a lot of work at the beginning and now we are much better.

  20. Yay welcome! Get ready for the rollercoaster of the next chapter and we’re so glad you’re here!

  21. We found one of those in our garage!!!!!!! It was hanging backward so we didn’t noticed it when we bought the house. My husband flipped it over about 2 months after I got my diagnosis and it’s been an endless source of hilarity and joy ever since.

  22. I have to consult a feelings chart to figure out my own emotions but boy howdy I can immerse myself in yours like a delightful logic problem puzzle to parse and sort all the tangled bits and lay them out in the most straightforward way. It’s exhausting but rewarding to be able to dissect on that level and be able to help people.

  23. I find talking about preferences and needs during non-sexy time can be really useful. For example, my partner understands that some days when I'm overstimulated that it's hard for me to have a lot of close kissing, too much foreplay stimulation, etc. You can also share that you prefer sex and foreplay to be limited to a few preferred activities - that allows for preparation but also leaves flexibility for what feels good that day. Knowing the intention can also help - some days I want to get off, some days I just want to feel close, etc. so communicating that a head of time can help mentally. Also setting the scene the same way every time helps - I turn the galaxy light, I play some lofi beats, a small routine that signals to my brain to switch to naked and fun setting.

  24. I would see if you can determine if you have high or low porosity hair. Once I learned mine was low porosity I was able to find products that leave my hair feeling clean and don’t contribute to build up. My hair also loves an apple cider vinegar rinse once a week. My hair is a lot less oily now and doesn’t get limp and stringy.

  25. What products do you use? I recently found out I had very fine low porosity hair and currently what is recommended on r curlyhair for that is the trader joes tingle shampoo, suave conditioner, and la looks sport gel. Surely there must be better products!

  26. I really like the Giovanni products - I buy the big smooth and silk shampoo with a pump and really like both the smooth as silk and green tea conditioners. I haven't tried any of their other products. The Maui hibiscus water conditioner was also good. About once a week I use Avalon organics apple cider vinegar shampoo, or do a full ACV rinse (dilute, scrub into scalp, leave on while I shave, etc.) and both make my hair so soft and happy. I also love the Olaplex no. 7 bonding oil, it gives my hair just enough moisture and doesn't make it greasy. I have wavy hair and really like Miss Jessies products. I got a few of the sample sizes to try and love the curly meringue. I'm so happy to finally have found products that are affordable and don't result in tons of build up!

  27. Definitely worth it! I started with the Cerave skin renewing retinol as my first and saw a lot of improvement, then moved up to differin. I’ve also used the L’Oréal revitalift night cream and it made my skin feel like a dream.

  28. Beautiful! I’m jealous of your shaping skills, they’re very tidy and symmetrical. Love the polish, too!

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