The Wagner Russian mercenaries, who ran the “Grey Zone” Telegram channel, with 268,000 followers, have no updates since August 13. My friend, Ukrainian journalist Denis Kazansky, reports that it’s probable that it’s editors were wiped out during the HIMARS strike on Popasna.

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  1. They should do a picture of Al Qaeda and the US hugging while they're at it.

  2. Stop trying to sleep and read or watch something interesting but not stimulating. (Coloring videos on Youtube work for me.) Remember that you won't die from lack of sleep, just feel crappy for a day maybe. You'll probably sleep like a log tonight, so you only have to deal with feeling crappy for one day.

  3. I've seen many articles saying that instead of supplements, people should get their vitamins and minerals from food sources. I calculated how much I need to eat in order to get the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals, but even though I basically only eat healthy foods I just can't eat enough to get the RDI. The only way I can get the RDI is to take supplements. I wish they would do a study about people who can't eat enough to get their RDI from food. Is it beneficial to take supplements or do our bodies adjust to getting smaller amounts of vitamins and minerals?

  4. The problem there isn't really any evidence that supplements are beneficial for most people. Which is why most/all health organisation don't generally recommend multivitamins for the average person and recommend that you have a a balanced diet.

  5. I do eat a pretty healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables. (I have a vegetable garden)

  6. Not sure about other countries' mosquitos, but that's my usual reaction to mosquito bites here in Japan. I thought that was the norm until I saw your question.

  7. It really bothers me that the first organizations that come up when you google "Ukraine donate" in Japanese are UNICEF, UNHCR, and Red Cross. I don't trust those organizations at all.

  8. It's very easy to strengthen your own views with the internet. The entire complaint about apps tracking you for targeted ads is that our devices now know us so well they show us things that we want to see.

  9. This actually has the opposite effect on me because I get so creeped out.

  10. Non-europian, but this strikes me as a ridiculous thing to say.

  11. Are you female? Could it be a gynecological problem?

  12. I just love how South Koreans whine about how much they hate their country and then at the ballot box do nothing to fix it.

  13. I don't think the problem can be fixed by voting, more like a mindset problem. I have three Korean nieces. Two have 2 kids each, third just had a baby. One is married to a cook, another a mechanic. They aren't rich but live comfortably enough. I don't think any of them went to cram schools and half-killed themselves trying to go to a prestigious college.

  14. So Ukraine basically manipulated Russia into sending a huge amount of their forces to Kherson where all they can do is starve while watching bridges and ammo being blown up? lol

  15. It's possible Ukraine wanted to start their offensive, but the troop relocation has now delayed it. A new plan has to be devised, so might as well take the time to take out Russian logistics.

  16. I feel like that was their aim all along. I bet having all those Russian troops in Kherson instead of Donbas probably saved a lot of Ukrainian lives. Of course, if Russia hadn't moved their troops UA could have started their offense on Kherson.

  17. So go there for vacations instead of bitching about Europe not giving you tourist visas.

  18. I wouldn't be surprised if there were anti Putin Russian saboteurs behind these explosions either.

  19. Look, I feel for you. But the EU doesn't owe Russian citizens a thing. Having a nice vacation in Europe is a privilege, not a right. Putin has made Russia into a third-world country, which is why Russian citizens are being treated like third-world country citizens. Europe isn't the one fucking the Russian population over, Putin is.

  20. That still doesn’t mean EU countries have to give tourist visas to everyone. They would be overrun with "tourists" from poor countries.

  21. Thank you everyone for offering your advice I really appreciate it. My plan right now is still to start by getting a photo ID which will happen this week. My mom and I are currently homeless but we are staying with family. We couldn't afford to move anywhere else hence the need for me to finally get a job. My mom has done her best over the years I'm just a really lazy bad person so I don't blame her or anything. I make my own bad choices. I won't have transportation to the DMV immediately but like I said earlier it will be sometime this week. After that comes the applications and GED.

  22. I would add some cushions with colors from the carpet. Navy would be my preference, but red could work too.

  23. That’s insanely high, even Ukrainian scoreboard hasn’t been increasing by 500 everyday

  24. I believe the Ukrainian numbers only count killed troops. 500 is including wounded.

  25. Forbes calculated how much the destroyed Russian planes are worth at the airfield "Saki" in Crimea.

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