Police beat man in Mulberry, Arkansas

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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. Noreen? How do you like it I’ve been contemplating it

  2. Ok from what it looks like to me they gave her a week off because she found out her boyfriend was cheating that dose sound generous for me

  3. Any pointers on sand casting I’d like to do so

  4. You'll need a lot of patience lol. A lot of things I want to make are too complicated for sand casting. Even the silver soldiers that I cast are only a handful of the models that I have. But most of them are not suitable for sandcasting. it works best for things that are fairly symmetrical and in one plane (I couldn't cast a soldier who was holding his rifle in front of him because the rifle and the body are in different planes). But if you have a fairly symmetrical object and you want to reproduce it in silver it's a lot of fun when it goes well.

  5. Thank you for that I’m excited to try this out

  6. well a glock is 5000$ here so i hate you as well 😬

  7. I've seen one person get banned and it was for breaking site wide rules in a blatant brigade to try get the entire sub quarantined...

  8. Sorry, I am not sure, are you looking for rent in Hong Kong? How much budget? Can pm?

  9. Pure envy if you want to sell it I call dibs lol

  10. To me at this point how can you be kicking like that and think oh yeah this guy is threatening me

  11. Totaling it can I have your exhaust ? I hope you are ok aswell

  12. Is it an original riot gun barrel? In that case, no. If it's not, go ahead..

  13. I’ve got an original riot barrel but want to put the heat shield and bayonet on it

  14. Is it reversible/does it permanently alter the gun? The original riot models are relatively rare.

  15. I got it from an old guy who bought it from the police department in my area

  16. I scored 2 barreled noses and a cut reciever for 600$

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