1. Rachel Bilson needs to just...stop. This is gross, cringe, trashy, disrespectful...

  2. If I were a celebrity I would just stop talking about bs or barely have a social media presence. Idk what’s up with these people revealing private information or weird opinions.

  3. Its the Larries mostly from what I can see. I didn't realise they were still a thing.

  4. Larries are like cancer. I sometimes accidentally come across 1D/harry related posts and they are so unhinged AND high in number.

  5. I don’t know how, but it just feels homophobic to continually persist in some shared delusion that two men who have only ever been in relationships with women are gay. That there would be some great conspiracy theory that is keeping them apart, years after their band detonated, to the point where they think Styles hides clues in his lyrics and music videos and shit, I literally can’t.

  6. They’re fetishising gay relationships. I don’t care even if they actually turn out to be gay or in a relationship, these people have been ruining their privacy since years now, they’re not gay ,and even if they were they don’t want to announce it.

  7. Dhanush😭Also don’t think something happened between Kareena and her bros because Arjun is dating her bff Malaika, plus she became friends with Sonam around veere di wedding.

  8. Lmao the hypocrisy in this sub is really astounding. Let’s see if this sub would have the same reaction had Kristen Stewart, Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears would’ve been slapped by their partners, since they all cheated too.

  9. This keeps getting weirder and weirder. Its like we’re watching a crime thriller movie

  10. That’s not weird that’s the best thing she could’ve done. Kim was already having sex, no point in scolding her or telling her no. Just educate and provide the necessary protection.

  11. honestly? I'd be bitter as fuck too. I've been in situations where it looks like the other person keeps getting shit handed to them freely and it hurts. esp while you're being abused simultaneously it all just suffocates you ykno?

  12. Also I would like to add that Jeannette is clearly injecting some humour into a few things, like the whole Tom Hanks thing so I hope people don’t bash her.

  13. Serena has always been criticised or ridiculed for having a big build, and i remember Sharapova's snide remark about Serena's body back then after she lost to Serena. Nevermind that Sharapova herself is over 6 feet and can also be said to have a physical advantage.

  14. Why is this guy always trying to portray himself as misunderstood tortured genius?

  15. This is so disgusting, considering Emily also had a “relationship” with a 40 something men when she was only 18/19 .

  16. My parents are careful, warn me and always give my sister and I the talk before we go out with male friends of our own age, in a group or alone. Parents who allow their young daughters to be in relationships and meet with 40 year olds is so disgusting and a testament of horrible parenting🤢

  17. That a celebrity couple was ‘soulmates’ or ‘wrong person at the wrong time’ or ‘the one that got away’ or hoping that they would get back together or whatever bs. Its so annoying because we don’t know these people or what goes on in their relationship. Plus its so disrespectful towards their current partners.

  18. This. They write paragraphs about how happy the couple were based off from what they saw from the outside of the relationship and treat them as if they were fictional characters from their favorite tv show. It’s so inconsiderate.

  19. And then this sub whines about parasocial relationship like babes what were doing JUST now

  20. I’ve always side eyed the weeknd since he said everything in his music is 100% truth. Like dude, your singing about drugging women, are you sure you want to claim this?

  21. Lol yes it’s just me being communist nothing to do with the fact that Beyonce underpays her dancers and the amount of carbon footprint Taylor produces in one year is more than what many people do in their whole lifetime.🙄

  22. Her mom has brain and breast cancer a lot of the other jets flights are her mom flying to treatments or flying to family in MO. I just think that’s worth mentioning. Especially considering people on chemo can die from minor colds.

  23. That’s fair since most of us would try to fly a sick family member through as less human contact as possible especially during covid times. But, someone on the Taylor swift subreddit commented that Taylor used to fly back to Nashville to sleep in her house during the red tour😬She has been owning and regularly using these jets since years tho.

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